Monday, January 28, 2008

Moving On

The test I did on Friday was a bummer - but I'm not disappointed in all of the run work I've done, even though it has cost me a bit on the bike.  I'm working with a new schedule that will put some more focus on run intensity and bike intensity - while cutting back on the low priority workouts.  We're putting quality first during the week and quantity + quality on the weekends.  I was a bit bummed this weekend - so I took my 'family' weekend early.  This is a weekend that I do NOTHING related to triathlon and hang out with the family 100% of the weekend (though I'm a bit guilty for playing some video games).  Usually I'd take the kids hiking - but it just hasn't been great weather for that (very muddy) - so we stayed in and the girls all baked. 

If you know my girls, they all love to cook but do so in their own way - I think the picture below explains what I mean.


Sada is always wearing her pretty dresses (we have about 2 dozen), Piper wears whatever she wants (which is sometimes just boots, sometimes actual clothes and other times wears whatever we can get on her when she stops moving) and Greta is always spectacular.  On Sunday we hit Sonoma to go grab all of the wine club shipments we are supposed to pick up but haven't.  At the end of the day, we had 2 cases of red wine from Nicholson Ranch (excellent Syrah and Merlot), Gun Bun (a decent Pinot and Zin) and B.R. Cohn (a nice Cab Sav).  It's nice to set aside a whole weekend where I don't have to stress about getting in a workout and can focus on my blond ladies.  I'm always reminded at how lucky I am when I do this.

Now that I've had a nice weekend to get my tri-priorities re-grounded and set, I'm ready to move on and get fit.

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