Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Meat Buns

That's what I had for lunch today at Dim Sum.  I figured I could use the extra fuel given yesterday's run, the bike home, this AM's swim, this AM's ride and this evening's ride home.  I think in the past 36 hours, I've put in (or will) close to 6 hours of exercise and 16 hours of work.  I am now cutting about 2 hours of running from my schedule and making M and F nice easy bookends and recovery periods - which means T-Thurs and Sat/Sun contain extra helpings of pain.

Miles Time (pace) Energy (cals)
1 7:44 (downhill + easy) 125
2 6:47 (downhill + easy) 132
3 6:36 143
4 7:10 139
5 7:11 133
6 7:15 140
7 9:00 (hill + easy) 136
8 8:47 (hill + easy) 119


I should have rewarded myself with a beer or glass of red for each mile I did (I think they're about the same calories).  I had intended to run a bit faster, but given the hills and the fact it was at 5:30am AND because I'm 177lbs - I simply couldn't get to 6:45 for miles 4 and 5.  With my data from the Garmin Forerunner 201, I found out that I ran uphill for 20 mins, downhill for 17 and flat for 24 mins.  Going uphill I averaged 7:43 (avg 5.3%) I did 7:07 (-3.9%).  Total elevation climbed was 959 ft.  It was also 41.6 degrees - which is considered cold here.  Totals for the run were 8.04 miles and an avg pace of 7:35 min miles (2 easy, 4 harder, 2 easy).   Below is a map of my AM Run.


Last night's ride wasn't easy - it was various intervals using various gear selections (hard and easy).  I was pretty cooked when I got home and was able to spin out easy on the ride in today - but will be riding Z3 and 4 on the way home tonight doing various intervals.  For the next 6 weeks I'm working with Matt Dixon who is hopeful that he can save my bike before Oceanside 70.3 - under the condition that I don't share any specifics about my bike training. 

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Christine said...

not even with me???? my workouts are light right now, I'll post later on what's been going on.