Saturday, January 19, 2008

IHOP Lite and a Frozen Soda

Today was mildly epic for January 19th.  It started with a 51 mile ride out towards Pt. Reyes - but at 7:30am it's mostly a battle to pedal fast enough so that you don't freeze.  We rode with the Z-Team but they went a tick on the easy side - I would have rather done less easy and more steady riding, but I was told to ride the pace of the team and to sit in.  We did some pace line (really freaking slow pace line) and then hit a few hills with a pretty easy effort.  The rest of the ride was just cold.  After about 25 miles we split from the team and began to head back through a very cold valley that left Soda quite frozen.  By the time we got within 15 miles of home it was about 54 degrees and sunny.  It ended up with us getting in 51 miles at almost 17mph and 2,200 ft of climbing -about 5-6mph slower than what I need at Oceanside in 8 weeks -so next weekend may be a TT bike ride with no team. 

Immediately after the ride we jumped into a short 30 min brick run.  I wanted to see how I could run if I put a little effort in and I did pretty well.  I wanted to get in 4+ miles - so I went pretty hard (Z3) for the first 2 miles and then Z2 on the way back.  Mile 1 was a 6:35, mile 2 a 6:51 and miles 3 & 4 were 8:12 pace.  There was even 400 ft of climbing!  Tomorrow I'll be out on a long run with a few miles of tempo.

Here's another good finishing video:

Here's where my training volume has fallen in the past few weeks - this was the first week that I've felt better than 90%:

Period Workouts Hours Total Workouts Total Hours
Week 1 (12/30 - 1/5) 4 4.75 4 4.75
Week 2 (1/6 - 1/12) 12 - projected 8.5 7 12.75
Week 3 (1/13 - 1/19) 12 15 10 27.75


I wrote this post drinking a very small glass from a 1976 Riesling that my friend and fellow triathlete traded me for a bike helmet.  Thanks Westie!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the ride this weekend. Though it sounds like, um, fun?

Kelly Dunleavy