Friday, January 25, 2008

He's a different athlete

That was what they said at my LT test and it wasn't a good thing. 

The day started off with me washing my bike at 5:45am - it went downhill from there, even the ride to the test in the pouring rain was more fun - after I forgot my booties and rain jacket at work. 

Instead of testing on my bike - I testing on one of their stationary bikes, more accurate for testing but more painful on my keister.  The high point of any trip to Endurance PTC is of course the opportunity to chat with Matt Dixon.  We've probably worked together for about a year in various tests - so I'm always to get his time and abilities working on my program.  I took it easy this week - but apparently I need to make some other adjustments.  I couldn't even manage to replicate my performance from last July - and I'm 2 lbs heavier, despite the fact that I'm about 4% leaner. 


Matt's comments were as follows:

  1. Either you've been sick lately OR
  2. You've been running a lot OR
  3. You've been stressed a lot

The only thing he missed was identifying that I probably don't sleep more than 6 hours during the week.  He provided me with the chart to the left to show where I stood in terms of my fitness: Type 2

Essentially, I need to focus more effort on high intensity bike stuff - working in the HR zone over 163.  In order to do that, I need to back off on the run a bit (now that I've made some nice gains there) and build up my strength again. 

So I'm going to be cutting out the swim/run bricks I've been doing (just swimming) and cutting back 15 mins on my 2 weekday runs (from 75 mins to 60). 

This will allow me to focus on my bike and run on the weekends, swimming on M,W and F and then a solid effort T, W, R on the bike and run.  Essentially, M and F are easier bookends to the week and a nicer transition between the two time periods and workout modes. 

It was depressing - but not surprising given the stress, work, sickness and effort I've put into my running lately to hear my bike has suffered.  The plan is to make the changes above and re-test in the next 6-8 weeks to ensure the changes were correct.

At least the day ended with a great dinner over with the Sodaro's - on Soda's last night in tri country.  She's headed to Boston for the next few months for the final semester at some silly all-girl school.  Luckily, she'll be training hard to bring her biking and running up to par with her great swimming.

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Christine said...

It was nice having people over. Glad to know you think so highly of my swimming compared to my run and bike. Don't forget your floaties the next time you go to the pool!!