Sunday, January 13, 2008

Easy Run, Easy Go

Today I finally felt better than 90% - for the first time in a LONG time.  I set out to do 40 mins easy (Z1) and then 30 mins Z3 MAX followed by 20 mins easy Z1 with five x 20 second 'strides' (which are about 5k pace efforts, for the non-Olympian, these are sprints at 90% effort) + 40 second walking rest periods mixed in. 


Since I'm not 100%, the pace is ff a bit - I should be about 15 seconds faster per mile, but I'm not feeling worse, so it's not a bit deal - my HR was about 25 beats elevated 2 weeks ago.  I'll post something this week about my avg pace since I got my Garmin Edge 305 (bike) and Garmin Forerunner 201.  I've run it in the past at 8:11, 8:03, 7:58, 8:16, 7:59 and again today - at 8:11.  I'll break 7:55-50 in the next 2 weeks and then again 7:45 before the end of the month.  When I started racing last year, I don't think I even raced at <8min miles for 4 miles -so it's a bit of improvement.  I also never thought I could run this far - Ben did  it last year and I thought that it was pretty amazing how he got all the way around Tiburon so quickly (I think he was done in 1:25 or so). 

The run isn't flat - so that also ads something to it - I didn't get down to the 'flat' portion of the run until 50 mins or so (that's where you see the big dip in the chart below).  I should also mention that it was 50+ degrees today and sunny.  I love California. 


This is the normal long run I do - next week I'll do something different - around Corte Madera, Mill Valley and back to Tiburon via Camino Alto - a beautiful little climb (one of the few that I drove before moving here - as I drove it I was antsy to ride it!). 

That's all  -

Good luck to Ian tomorrow to gets his ACL rebuilt tomorrow (Monday the 14th) - these nearly 40-somethings need to learn that they can't expect to ski and train - they simply have to ignore their hot wives and just train 100% for triathlon.  I can't wait for him to get back and out there to poison me with multi-bowls of Huggy Bear limited edition turkey soup before this same 11+ mile run so I can throw up on his calves at mile 5.  Though I still think he's just getting a Colovaginoplasty.  Get well soon regardless of your surgery Ian! 

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