Friday, January 18, 2008

Califunga and the Really Green Commute

I'm trying to teach my 2 year old Piper how to say 'California'.  So far, "Califunga" is about as close as we get.  I was asked to stop writing about how nice it is here, so I'm not even though it's almost 60 and sunny. 

I'm almost back to 100% - a bit of my cold still lingers and I haven't slept great - so my HR has been a bit on the elevated side.  It's also been dry and cold in the AM - so running at 5:30am in 32 degree weather has made my nose hurt.  I've blown my nose so much that when I did a swim/run brick earlier this week - that my nose exploded (as Soda will testify) and I made a bloody mess of myself.

My next great idea was to run to and from work - a really green commute (though I'm not sure what the carbon footprint of a 13 mile run is).  A great idea in theory - but tougher to execute. 

I started my commute at 7am - an easy 4.5 mile run to the ferry.  I went really, easy - so easy that I was about 4 mins behind my typical run - which meant that when the sun was finally shining bright enough to see my watch, I had about 11 mins to go about 1.5 miles.  In a slight panic, I ran the rest of the commute in the low 7's with a backpack on.  The next part of the commute was easy - 2 miles to the office from the ferry terminal - no hills, all flat.


The tough part began when I decided to go with the 'spicy' salsa and a kay-sah-dee-ah.  I figured I had 5 hours to digest it and be ready for the evening run home.  Come 5pm, I don't think my body had digested 2 calories and the spicy salsa took refuge in the upper regions of my chest.  I made it to the ferry (again, only 2 miles) but I wasn't feeling great.  After a brief 20 min ride I was back running again with what I think was Mexican food induced Angina.  Because I wasn't digesting anything - I started to bonk.  I was still able to shuffle along easily around 8:15, but it wasn't fun and the only thing green at that point about my commute was my face.  Ugh.

I did make it home and piled some home made chicken soup onto the lunch and figured I'd give it the old 1-2 punch with a round of chocolate cake (actually, 1.25 pieces). 

Angina sucks.

Tomorrow is the Z-Team ride where we'll try to keep Soda in the peleton and away from another 4+ hour solo ride. 

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Christine said...

yup I can testify, blood all over the machine at the bay club, but as long as I don't solo ride anymore I won't hold it against ya.