Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Meat Buns

That's what I had for lunch today at Dim Sum.  I figured I could use the extra fuel given yesterday's run, the bike home, this AM's swim, this AM's ride and this evening's ride home.  I think in the past 36 hours, I've put in (or will) close to 6 hours of exercise and 16 hours of work.  I am now cutting about 2 hours of running from my schedule and making M and F nice easy bookends and recovery periods - which means T-Thurs and Sat/Sun contain extra helpings of pain.

Miles Time (pace) Energy (cals)
1 7:44 (downhill + easy) 125
2 6:47 (downhill + easy) 132
3 6:36 143
4 7:10 139
5 7:11 133
6 7:15 140
7 9:00 (hill + easy) 136
8 8:47 (hill + easy) 119


I should have rewarded myself with a beer or glass of red for each mile I did (I think they're about the same calories).  I had intended to run a bit faster, but given the hills and the fact it was at 5:30am AND because I'm 177lbs - I simply couldn't get to 6:45 for miles 4 and 5.  With my data from the Garmin Forerunner 201, I found out that I ran uphill for 20 mins, downhill for 17 and flat for 24 mins.  Going uphill I averaged 7:43 (avg 5.3%) I did 7:07 (-3.9%).  Total elevation climbed was 959 ft.  It was also 41.6 degrees - which is considered cold here.  Totals for the run were 8.04 miles and an avg pace of 7:35 min miles (2 easy, 4 harder, 2 easy).   Below is a map of my AM Run.


Last night's ride wasn't easy - it was various intervals using various gear selections (hard and easy).  I was pretty cooked when I got home and was able to spin out easy on the ride in today - but will be riding Z3 and 4 on the way home tonight doing various intervals.  For the next 6 weeks I'm working with Matt Dixon who is hopeful that he can save my bike before Oceanside 70.3 - under the condition that I don't share any specifics about my bike training. 

Monday, January 28, 2008

Moving On

The test I did on Friday was a bummer - but I'm not disappointed in all of the run work I've done, even though it has cost me a bit on the bike.  I'm working with a new schedule that will put some more focus on run intensity and bike intensity - while cutting back on the low priority workouts.  We're putting quality first during the week and quantity + quality on the weekends.  I was a bit bummed this weekend - so I took my 'family' weekend early.  This is a weekend that I do NOTHING related to triathlon and hang out with the family 100% of the weekend (though I'm a bit guilty for playing some video games).  Usually I'd take the kids hiking - but it just hasn't been great weather for that (very muddy) - so we stayed in and the girls all baked. 

If you know my girls, they all love to cook but do so in their own way - I think the picture below explains what I mean.


Sada is always wearing her pretty dresses (we have about 2 dozen), Piper wears whatever she wants (which is sometimes just boots, sometimes actual clothes and other times wears whatever we can get on her when she stops moving) and Greta is always spectacular.  On Sunday we hit Sonoma to go grab all of the wine club shipments we are supposed to pick up but haven't.  At the end of the day, we had 2 cases of red wine from Nicholson Ranch (excellent Syrah and Merlot), Gun Bun (a decent Pinot and Zin) and B.R. Cohn (a nice Cab Sav).  It's nice to set aside a whole weekend where I don't have to stress about getting in a workout and can focus on my blond ladies.  I'm always reminded at how lucky I am when I do this.

Now that I've had a nice weekend to get my tri-priorities re-grounded and set, I'm ready to move on and get fit.

Friday, January 25, 2008

He's a different athlete

That was what they said at my LT test and it wasn't a good thing. 

The day started off with me washing my bike at 5:45am - it went downhill from there, even the ride to the test in the pouring rain was more fun - after I forgot my booties and rain jacket at work. 

Instead of testing on my bike - I testing on one of their stationary bikes, more accurate for testing but more painful on my keister.  The high point of any trip to Endurance PTC is of course the opportunity to chat with Matt Dixon.  We've probably worked together for about a year in various tests - so I'm always to get his time and abilities working on my program.  I took it easy this week - but apparently I need to make some other adjustments.  I couldn't even manage to replicate my performance from last July - and I'm 2 lbs heavier, despite the fact that I'm about 4% leaner. 


Matt's comments were as follows:

  1. Either you've been sick lately OR
  2. You've been running a lot OR
  3. You've been stressed a lot

The only thing he missed was identifying that I probably don't sleep more than 6 hours during the week.  He provided me with the chart to the left to show where I stood in terms of my fitness: Type 2

Essentially, I need to focus more effort on high intensity bike stuff - working in the HR zone over 163.  In order to do that, I need to back off on the run a bit (now that I've made some nice gains there) and build up my strength again. 

So I'm going to be cutting out the swim/run bricks I've been doing (just swimming) and cutting back 15 mins on my 2 weekday runs (from 75 mins to 60). 

This will allow me to focus on my bike and run on the weekends, swimming on M,W and F and then a solid effort T, W, R on the bike and run.  Essentially, M and F are easier bookends to the week and a nicer transition between the two time periods and workout modes. 

It was depressing - but not surprising given the stress, work, sickness and effort I've put into my running lately to hear my bike has suffered.  The plan is to make the changes above and re-test in the next 6-8 weeks to ensure the changes were correct.

At least the day ended with a great dinner over with the Sodaro's - on Soda's last night in tri country.  She's headed to Boston for the next few months for the final semester at some silly all-girl school.  Luckily, she'll be training hard to bring her biking and running up to par with her great swimming.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Team Zoot/GU

A few weeks ago I had applied to this team (along with a few others) just to see what would come of it. Well, I was accepted into their program for 2008.  There are some great benefits - aside of a bunch of freebies and the discounts.


I do hope to get access to their new line of shoes so that I've got something before the end of February - I definitely want to be training a little bit in my racing flats well before Oceanside 70.3 on March 29.  I've also applied to a similar Polar program for 2008 as well - my wife is desperate to see me in something other than a blue/red plastic Polar 520 HRM (which was eventually replaced by the S625x). 

Speaking of training, here's what I've been running in happily for about 18 months - the Brooks Addiction 7 (you can find them at sportsbasement for $80 + the USAT discount of 10-15% when you show your USAT card) .   I had developed stress fractures in my shins from running too hard/fast in the wrong shoe (Nike Air Max).  Brooks shoes are ugly, but maybe a better term would be plain (save for the T5).  They are however, a great shoe for a bigger runner who needs stability - which I confused with cushion when I was running in Nike.  Nike Shox seem like they'd be great but since you don't land on your heel, I don't understand the point of all the cushioning in the rear of the shoe. 

t5 st3

The Brooks T5 (left) is what I raced in this season - but for my weight (175) it wasn't enough support - I blistered every time I wore them.  They're like running barefoot and they feel great - I just wouldn't use them again for anything longer than a 5k at my weight.  I'm going to move into the Racer ST 3 instead - it's slightly heavier at 8.7oz vs 5.9oz - but then again, the difference is 0.2% of my bodyweight.  Regardless of the looks, I'd really recommend Brooks as a solid shoe for guys over 170lbs.  I also am pretty diligent about running in new shoes every 300 miles or 3 months. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Measuring the Power Sticks

It's a bit of a rough week - both due to the weather and to the massive effort I did on Sunday.  I go in for bike LT testing on Friday - so I'm trying to keep some consistency but scaling back the intensity a lot.  I definitely didn't hold back enough when I did my run testing -so I'm also going to have my run test reviewed to make some adjustments for the hard run I did 48 hours before my run test.  I do think I'll find out that I need to start doing some real bike workouts - not just the ride easy and go hard on the hills for a minute or two or 45 if I'm climbing Mt. Tam.

I did see some a good strategy on Triathlete Magazine this week:

Week 1: 4 x 30-sec. hill sprints w/ 2-min. active recoveries
Week 2: 6 x 30-sec. hill sprints w/ 2-min. active recoveries
Week 3: 8 x 30-second hill sprints with 2-minute active recovery
Week 4: (Recovery) 6 x 30-second hill sprints with 2-minute active recovery
Week 5: 6 x 1-minute hill sprints with 2-minute active recovery
Week 6: 8 x 1-minute hill sprints with 2-minute active recovery
Week 7: 10 x 1-minute hill sprints with 2-minute active recovery
Week 8: (Recovery) 6 x 1-minute hill sprints with 2-minute active recovery
Week 9: 3 x 3 minutes @ 20km time-trial intensity with 3-minute active recovery
Week 10: 4 x 3 minutes @ 20km time-trial intensity with 3-minute active recovery
Week 11: 5 x 3 minutes @ 20km time-trial intensity with 3-minute active recovery
Week 12: (Recovery) 3 x 3 minutes @ 20km time-trial intensity with 3-minute active recovery


Last night I did try the week 1 effort - which was pretty hard if you've never gone 100% on a hill for 30 seconds.  Luckily, the strides that I do at the end of most of my runs does help (20 seconds at 5k pace - near 100% + 40 sec recovery jog X 5).


I also wanted to mention that Chris Lieto's new company was launching soon - Base Performance Nutrition, so be sure to check that site out and support a fellow triathlete who built a company out of his own money - not just lending his name to it.  He's sponsoring our Z-team as well with product - so I'll be blogging about it soon. 


Good luck to Ben too - who is flying to Brazil for the Fast Triathlon.  It's going to be hard to fill the shoes of last year's team: Potts, Fleischmann and Reed.  Once he gets back, he'll be heading down here to Tiburon for 10 days of training and swim lessons.  If you're in Marin and want some swim help from the best swim coach I've ever had - let me know and I'll get you set up.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


That one hurt.  Today was a 95 min run  - I was hoping to get in over 11.25 miles as well as doing it over a pretty hilly route (I got in over 1,400 ft of climbing).  I did both.  Below is the elevation of the run - the bump in the middle is a road called Camino Alto.  I went south - so it was about a 1.75 uphill run with an avg grade of 7-8%.  I started out running easy - Z1-Z2 for 30-35 min's.  I hit the hill and went up to 172-175 for the next 50 minutes and then back again into Z1/2. 


Here are my mile splits by pace:


You can see that I climbed the hill around an 8:35 pace and then came down it at a 6:28 pace - it's only 1 mile down the south side.  Then I followed a hilly climb back up to Tiburon from Mill Valley - ending the run with an avg pace of 8:05 (Motion Based said I ran 8:02s) for 11.65 (the Garmin Forerunner 201 couldn't find a satellite for the first few 10ths).  The next few long runs will likely be a bit flatter so I can work on speed- I think I've done some decent hill work.  I'll probably alternate hilly routes with flatter ones over the next 8 weeks.  For my recovery day tomorrow I'll do some easy swimming and a super easy 25 mile ride home.  Tuesday I've got another swim/run brick day with a ride home that will mix in a few intervals on the bike, Wednesday will be a longer run with about 20 mins of tempo and some strides with another easy ride home (25 miles) and Thursday is off so that I can be rested for my bike LT test on Friday AM at Endurance PTC with Matt Dixon.  I've got this week as a pretty tough week and then I'll have a slightly easier week from Feb 1-Feb 7.  This should give me a decent build up with a few weeks averaging 3.5-4 hours of running, 9.5-10 hours of biking and 2.5 hours of swimming. 

Saturday, January 19, 2008

IHOP Lite and a Frozen Soda

Today was mildly epic for January 19th.  It started with a 51 mile ride out towards Pt. Reyes - but at 7:30am it's mostly a battle to pedal fast enough so that you don't freeze.  We rode with the Z-Team but they went a tick on the easy side - I would have rather done less easy and more steady riding, but I was told to ride the pace of the team and to sit in.  We did some pace line (really freaking slow pace line) and then hit a few hills with a pretty easy effort.  The rest of the ride was just cold.  After about 25 miles we split from the team and began to head back through a very cold valley that left Soda quite frozen.  By the time we got within 15 miles of home it was about 54 degrees and sunny.  It ended up with us getting in 51 miles at almost 17mph and 2,200 ft of climbing -about 5-6mph slower than what I need at Oceanside in 8 weeks -so next weekend may be a TT bike ride with no team. 

Immediately after the ride we jumped into a short 30 min brick run.  I wanted to see how I could run if I put a little effort in and I did pretty well.  I wanted to get in 4+ miles - so I went pretty hard (Z3) for the first 2 miles and then Z2 on the way back.  Mile 1 was a 6:35, mile 2 a 6:51 and miles 3 & 4 were 8:12 pace.  There was even 400 ft of climbing!  Tomorrow I'll be out on a long run with a few miles of tempo.

Here's another good finishing video:

Here's where my training volume has fallen in the past few weeks - this was the first week that I've felt better than 90%:

Period Workouts Hours Total Workouts Total Hours
Week 1 (12/30 - 1/5) 4 4.75 4 4.75
Week 2 (1/6 - 1/12) 12 - projected 8.5 7 12.75
Week 3 (1/13 - 1/19) 12 15 10 27.75


I wrote this post drinking a very small glass from a 1976 Riesling that my friend and fellow triathlete traded me for a bike helmet.  Thanks Westie!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Califunga and the Really Green Commute

I'm trying to teach my 2 year old Piper how to say 'California'.  So far, "Califunga" is about as close as we get.  I was asked to stop writing about how nice it is here, so I'm not even though it's almost 60 and sunny. 

I'm almost back to 100% - a bit of my cold still lingers and I haven't slept great - so my HR has been a bit on the elevated side.  It's also been dry and cold in the AM - so running at 5:30am in 32 degree weather has made my nose hurt.  I've blown my nose so much that when I did a swim/run brick earlier this week - that my nose exploded (as Soda will testify) and I made a bloody mess of myself.

My next great idea was to run to and from work - a really green commute (though I'm not sure what the carbon footprint of a 13 mile run is).  A great idea in theory - but tougher to execute. 

I started my commute at 7am - an easy 4.5 mile run to the ferry.  I went really, easy - so easy that I was about 4 mins behind my typical run - which meant that when the sun was finally shining bright enough to see my watch, I had about 11 mins to go about 1.5 miles.  In a slight panic, I ran the rest of the commute in the low 7's with a backpack on.  The next part of the commute was easy - 2 miles to the office from the ferry terminal - no hills, all flat.


The tough part began when I decided to go with the 'spicy' salsa and a kay-sah-dee-ah.  I figured I had 5 hours to digest it and be ready for the evening run home.  Come 5pm, I don't think my body had digested 2 calories and the spicy salsa took refuge in the upper regions of my chest.  I made it to the ferry (again, only 2 miles) but I wasn't feeling great.  After a brief 20 min ride I was back running again with what I think was Mexican food induced Angina.  Because I wasn't digesting anything - I started to bonk.  I was still able to shuffle along easily around 8:15, but it wasn't fun and the only thing green at that point about my commute was my face.  Ugh.

I did make it home and piled some home made chicken soup onto the lunch and figured I'd give it the old 1-2 punch with a round of chocolate cake (actually, 1.25 pieces). 

Angina sucks.

Tomorrow is the Z-Team ride where we'll try to keep Soda in the peleton and away from another 4+ hour solo ride. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Killer Tri Video & a Few Quotes

Here's a great video of an ITU race.  Bevan Docherty kicks it fast. 


"Somewhere in the world someone is training when you are not. When you race him, he will win."
Tom Fleming's Boston Marathon Training Motto

"Most men take the straight and narrow. A few take the road less traveled. I chose to cut through the woods."
- Unknown

"There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people."
- Bill Bowerman


All of these were lifted from here.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Easy Run, Easy Go

Today I finally felt better than 90% - for the first time in a LONG time.  I set out to do 40 mins easy (Z1) and then 30 mins Z3 MAX followed by 20 mins easy Z1 with five x 20 second 'strides' (which are about 5k pace efforts, for the non-Olympian, these are sprints at 90% effort) + 40 second walking rest periods mixed in. 


Since I'm not 100%, the pace is ff a bit - I should be about 15 seconds faster per mile, but I'm not feeling worse, so it's not a bit deal - my HR was about 25 beats elevated 2 weeks ago.  I'll post something this week about my avg pace since I got my Garmin Edge 305 (bike) and Garmin Forerunner 201.  I've run it in the past at 8:11, 8:03, 7:58, 8:16, 7:59 and again today - at 8:11.  I'll break 7:55-50 in the next 2 weeks and then again 7:45 before the end of the month.  When I started racing last year, I don't think I even raced at <8min miles for 4 miles -so it's a bit of improvement.  I also never thought I could run this far - Ben did  it last year and I thought that it was pretty amazing how he got all the way around Tiburon so quickly (I think he was done in 1:25 or so). 

The run isn't flat - so that also ads something to it - I didn't get down to the 'flat' portion of the run until 50 mins or so (that's where you see the big dip in the chart below).  I should also mention that it was 50+ degrees today and sunny.  I love California. 


This is the normal long run I do - next week I'll do something different - around Corte Madera, Mill Valley and back to Tiburon via Camino Alto - a beautiful little climb (one of the few that I drove before moving here - as I drove it I was antsy to ride it!). 

That's all  -

Good luck to Ian tomorrow to gets his ACL rebuilt tomorrow (Monday the 14th) - these nearly 40-somethings need to learn that they can't expect to ski and train - they simply have to ignore their hot wives and just train 100% for triathlon.  I can't wait for him to get back and out there to poison me with multi-bowls of Huggy Bear limited edition turkey soup before this same 11+ mile run so I can throw up on his calves at mile 5.  Though I still think he's just getting a Colovaginoplasty.  Get well soon regardless of your surgery Ian! 

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Team Ride Recap

I was feeling better enough today to join the Z-team ride this morning at 8am.  Since it starts about 7 miles away, we (Soda and I) had to leave about 7:30.  The plan was to sit in and go 3 hours (about 50 miles and head home).  I forgot that when a bike team is going to ride 4-5 hours they start real slow and don't get going for 45 mins or so.  I don't really have that sort of luxury -so I've got to get on it a bit at the start. 


You can see from the profile above that I'm not entirely over my cold and my HR is a tick on the high side.  My zone 2 ends at almost 160 - so I had hoped to stay under that threshold.  I didn't.  The started climbing the first hill pretty slow and the road shoulder was small, full of debris and potholes -I figured it would be more fun to go to the front and go just a bit faster.  You'll see in the chart above that my HR was around 180 - which didn't feel bad but apparently it wasn't so good for Soda who was experiencing an asthma attack someone in the group behind.  I stayed towards the front - since I was already off of it and just hammered a bit on the flats until the next climb.  I figured Soda was in the group as it flew by me as I stopped to look for her - not seeing the only tri-bike (and female) in a pack of 20+ guys, I thought she might have been dropped, so 3 of us went back a while and then gave up - figuring either she was in the pack and we missed her, or she was an unhappy camper WAY off the back.  Turns out -she didn't make the turn up the hill and went clockwise after her attack to catch her breath.  I took it easy on the way back and ended the ride with about 49 miles and somewhere close to 3 hours with an avg. HR of 147.  I'll be ramping up the intensity after I do my next LT test over at Endurance PTC on Jan 25th.

Now I'm at home stretching and watching my girls while Greta is out getting a massage.

shades hat

Friday, January 11, 2008

Z-Tri Team

We finally got the designs and team done for the new Tri Team that Ian and I developed.  We should have the clothing in a few weeks - so here's the new running top and tri-suit.  You'll see that we've got a few sponsors: Bank of America, Rex & Co, Inc, Janet Williamson & Associates, Marin Magazine and lastly Chris Lieto's Base Performance Nutrition.

z-run z-tri


You can buy these here at 3 Ring Cycles.  Tomorrow I'll start riding again a bit more and hope I can hang pretty easy in a 3 hour team ride tomorrow.  The main group will hammer out 4-5 hours but I will only do a mere 3 hours + 20-30 min brick run afterwards. 

I swam for a short while this morning with Soda but didn't go very hard - I'm getting better, so I'm hopefully the increase in workout hours over the weekend doesn't bring my flu back.  I got out earlier in the week for 9.25 miles running 7:59 min/miles - going pretty easy but my HR still wasn't where it is supposed to be ~151-154 at that pace. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

To Quote My Mom

I'm sick and tired...

Nothing new except that I'm not 100% and tired of not being 100%. 

A somewhat funny thing that happened was that my girl Sada (age 4) was sleeping on the couch in our room last night because she wasn't feeling good (go figure) and she was having a nightmare of sorts and yelled out 4 times:

"WHERE'S MY PRINCE" (she' pretty much an expert on all things Disney princess related.

I'm sure my wife asks the same thing when I'm never home at 5am unless I'm sick.  On Saturdays I sleep in until 6:30am. 

Welcome back to the mainland Ben.  

Monday, January 7, 2008

Vote for Ben


Inside Triathlon has the following Best Performace of 2007 survey:

Ben Collins' 17 secs overall win at USA Triathlon Nationals is one of the choices.  I'm not sure why Ian's 26 second margin over me at the Santa Barbara long course wasn't in the list -but it should have been!

Ben shown here after wining and setting a new Folsom International Triathlon course record.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Scary and Hairy!

You'd think this post was about Ian 'Huggy Bear' Charles, but it's not. 

A few days ago we had a wind storm -in Seattle it would have been called the STORM OF 2008 and there would be all sorts of news stories how people were stocking up for what might be 24 hours of people having to stay indoors.  Nevertheless, I got out today for an easy ride and a climb up Mt Tam (I alternate my weekends - one ride with climbing and the following weekend with very little).  I knew it wasn't a good sign when the road was closed about 2 miles up the climb of 12 miles.  I treated the barrier like any good 'crosser would - leaping it and then remounting for some more pain.  There was a lot of junk on the road from the wind.  In some places you couldn't even see the road - just pine needles, branches or leaves covering the road in a thick blanket of good n' slippery stuff.  It wasn't bad climbing but descending the mtn was a bit trickier.  There were a few patches where my wheels slipped and I dove for the safety of the painted but wet centerline!  After a few miles another cyclist came down and said some rangers were on the road (it is a park and they can write tickets) - so after about covering nearly 1/2 the climb I turned around figuring worse things were ahead. 



Because of the rain yesterday (and the fact that I'm still <100%) - I went with Soda and did a pretty easy swim workout.  My HR wasn't hitting 170 on the harder efforts like it was Thursday - so that was a good sign.  We also got out afterwards for an easy 30+ min run, not as long as I would like to have got in -but better than sitting on my enormous rear.  I'm sure Soda will blog about how she beat on me in the pool but since I know she cracks at about 200W on the bike, I'm not too worried (laughing hilariously now but I'm sure she'll fire back with SOMETHING).  I was grateful for the fact that very few people actually swim at the Bay Club Marin - as I was testing out our new team tri suit to see how it felt swimming- that's right, fully race suit in the pool.  If I'm going to be racing in something for 5 hours, it better be comfy and it was.  Thanks for not laughing Soda.


Here's the route I took - even with all the rough weather here, it's still better than Seattle.


here's where things stood at the end of the week:

Period Workouts Hours Total Workouts Total Hours
Week 1 (12/30 - 1/5) 4 4.75 4 4.75
Week 2 (1/6 - 1/12) 12 - projected 2.5 1 5.75

Friday, January 4, 2008

Panic in Marin

Ok, it's pouring rain, windy and I'm not 100% healthy.  My first race is also my first 70.3 race and it's in 84 days.  I haven't done much of anything with my cold and so like any good type A, I'm a bit panicky.  Am I doing enough and can I do enough to be ready.  I think so - but I'm going to keep track for everyone to see.

I have on average 2 workouts per day and one day off per week.  That gives me about 144 different workouts before my race and 12 rest days - not taking into account length or intensity (I let my coach deal with that) - but generally that is 1.25 hours per workout or 13.25 hours per week.  Here's how I'll track my workouts at a high level in order to help me keep my head level.  I'll just keep track on post the table below each week. 

Period Workouts Hours Total Workouts Total Hours
Week 1 (12/30 - 1/5) 2 1.5    
Week 2 (1/6 - 1/12) 12 - projected      


I'll keep posting this too in order to keep me motivated and focused.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

By The Numbers

Here's a few numbers for 2007

  • Total miles I ran: ~675 (weekly avg of 13)
  • Total yards I swam: 60,000 (only about 1,150 a week - eek!)
  • Total miles I rode: 5,100 (98 a week) - my bike computer shows a bit more, but I'm just estimating.

Since I started training under Brian and for the 70.3 series races (I'm registered for Oceanside 70.3, Vineman 70.3) - I'm already doing quite a bit more.  My typical week now is about 30 miles a week (long run of 2 hours) of running, 4,400-5,000 meters of swimming and the riding is slightly higher - about 150 with a max of 200.  I just have to be more consistent now and don't have the option of missing so many swims and runs.  I think I'll probably hit about 550 hours this year but will end the season earlier and will take a mid-season break in late May. 

Here's a tentative schedule:


  • Oceanside 70.3 - late March
  • Sacramento International  - late April
  • UVAS - mid May
  • San Jose International - early June
  • maybe another race in early July/late June
  • Vineman 70.3 - late July
  • Santa Barbara Long Course - August
  • and then I'll see what I feel like doing next. Likely the Big Kahuna which I think is in Sept.


That's all for now from Mr. Cranky Pants (my new nickname since I've been sick).  Still under the weather but better.