Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I'm in Seattle and miserable with the weather.  I did get out on Christmas Eve for about 11 miles - a nice run to combat the holiday indulgence.  Today I did a run lactate test.  It wasn't great - but despite the fact that I was still a bit beat from doing the 90 min run that I did ok.  Below is a table from the test I did today next to a test I did mid-season last July.


I'll test again in a few weeks before Oceanside 70.3 where I also hope to be a few lbs lighter and a lot faster!


Ben said...

Where did you test? I thought you were still in Seattle? How's the 34 degrees and snow/fog? Is you new car warm?

Chris said...

Interesting. To my eye, it looks like your threshold is at the same pace as in July (around 8.5-8.6mph) but at a HR that is 5-10 beats lower. You seemed to run about one mph faster at each HR but the lactate tick-up is at the same pace as in July. Is that a function of fatigue?