Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ouch - Quit It

Today was the first weekend of many where I'll be doing a long ride + brick run on Sat and then a long run on Sunday.  I got in 3 hours - 52 miles in Z2, avg. about 18mph and climbed 2,400 feet.  I then jumped off and ran 20 mins with 2 frozen feet  - about 2.5 miles.  It was a long ride and my legs took about half a mile on the run to settle in.  Racing the 70.3 events is going to be fun but hard.  I'm looking forward to doing more of the long rides but hopefully it warms up (though I'm calling cold about 41).  I'm heading in for some LT testing in 2-3 weeks which should get me some new pre-season numbers for the bike and run.  I've also got a new coach for 2008 that I've already started working with: Brian Fleischmann.  I'm excited to spend more time this season focusing on my run and less time worrying about a bad swim - Ben has ensured that I am on the right path with my swimming - focusing on great form and speed.  After one lesson- I've been able to swim more and faster than I've ever swam before - even using fins!  I actually look forward to Tues and Thurs morning where I get to swim. 

On another note - Ian Charles and I have pulled together a new triathlon team in association with the Z-team.  Below is the kit that we'll base the design off of - but we'll do something lighter an with new sponsors.  It should be a great season and we've got a killer team for 2008.  Hopefully we can find a few more great athletes, including some more fast ladies.  Soda will be our sole woman for now.


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Christine said...

you never said anything about booties or gloves!! was I supposed to buy those?