Monday, December 3, 2007

Ouch Quit it: Part II

I got out on Sunday for the 2nd half of my first '70.3' training weekend.  My coach, Brian Fleischmann wanted me to do 45 mins Z1, 20 mins Z4 and then the rest of the run (25 mins) Z1 w/ a few strides (which I learned are 20 second efforts at a 5k pace + 40 sec jog).  The first part of the run was painfully slow.  I was joined by marathoner and former Brown crew member John McKlveen for about 60 mins on the run.  The run was so slow - conversation pace slow (8:30+).  We should have just ran with lattes - except for the nasty headwind that never once let us.  Then, as prescribed, we went faster - I couldn't believe that I had to get my HR to 176 and then on up to 183 - we hit a hill around 42 mins and I tried to get my HR up (you can see in the chart below that the pace went up right about where the road went up) but needed a hill do help.  I swear I ran as hard as I could and barely saw 176.  The road kept going up and eventually my HR stayed in Z4. 

Run pace and elevation as charted by my Garmin Forerunner 201:


John peeled off after about 10 mins of Z4 (he ran 40 mins before we even started) and word is he pulled his hamstring.  I couldn't imagine that I'd be able to complete 20 mins at that pace but I just kept focusing on each bit of road ahead of me.  My legs hurt more than my lungs did - so that was a change that I wasn't expecting.  When training for the sprint stuff - I never ran more than 60 mins, so it was always the lungs that hurt the most.  At the end, the run was about 11.1 miles.  With the Z1, Z4 and Z1 all together, the run had an avg pace of 8:11 miles, Avg HR was 163. 

Run pace and location as charted by my Garmin Forerunner 201:














I also had a good conversation with Chris Lieto yesterday afternoon - about a lot of things but primarily some sponsorship opportunities for Ben with K-Swiss and the launch of his new company: Base Performance Nutrition - check it out and sign up for his e-mail list.  Chris owns this company and is a solid guy - I love to support stuff like this.  Hopefully I'll be able to get some product and get it out for a few guys to try.


Ian said...

the reason why you couldn't get your HR up is because you are TIRED!!!!!There is no reason to do such a workload in Nov/Dec.

Tracy said...

finally! someone concurs this fool overtrains. there's a reason the lor-speedo raced the "for fun" circuit this year - he's like kramer dominating the dojo filled with 9-year olds.