Monday, December 17, 2007


I got sick a bit this weekend - so I took it easy and hung with the family. I've got a light week- but some fun workouts from Brian.  At the very least, his workouts are ALWAYS different and fun, they're just not easy - so it's a great test for race day because mentally some of these workouts are daunting at 5am.

Here's a fun one:

AM: Swim session to included the workout provided by Ben.

Easy 20 to 30 minute run immediately after swim session. Can be done on the road or trails.

Easy weight session as prescribed…

3 sets of 15.

Stretch after weight session

PM: Ride to and from work, commute ride. Keeping it easy.

Total: That's about 35/40 mins of swimming, 30 min run (4 miles max) and then 40 miles of riding + lifting. 

.Funny Kid Thing:

Last night during Miracle on 34th Street my 4 year old (Sada) was eating some yams (her dessert) and my wife asked her a question - she responds with

"Don't you know that you're not supposed to invite talking when someone is eating"

Lesson learned. 

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