Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Training

As I've mentioned before I'm now working with super triathlete and Olympic hopeful Brian Fleischmann as my coach for 2008.  He's incredibly available, knowledgeable and since he's living at the US Olympic Training Center - he's on top of his game. 

Here's my typical workout week:

Day(s) Workout

Run 60-90 mins, Z2 for now (likely some tweaks to a mid-run tempo component) + Evening commute home by bike - 90 mins (about 8 miles running/19 riding)


Swim 45 mins, doing Ben's ladder workout + 30-45 mins of lifting afterwards + Evening commute home by bike - 90 mins.  On Thursdays I'll also ride in to work after lifting.  (2,000 yards swim/19 miles riding / 38 miles riding on Thursday)


Team ride with Z-team or long, min stop ride of 3-4 hours + 20-30 min brick run (55 miles ride / 3-4 miles run)


Long Run with tempo component of 25-35 mins + strides (11 -15 miles)

Weekly totals:

Swim: 4,000 yards - likely build to 5k

Bike: 150 miles - build to 170 w/70-80 mile long ride

Run: 35 miles - build to 40 on big weeks

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