Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mid-Week Update: It's Crap


I swam badly yesterday - not sure if I was tired or hungry, I think tired - I took a mid session breather and then gutted out the rest.  I immediately ran after for 20 mins (easy) and started to rally and finished up with a decent lifting sesh. 

Could have been that pumpkin Clif bar I had at 5am.  I'll stick with the wake up gels or toast.

That was about 2-2.5 hours of training even before work! 

I've been riding easy and enjoying a nice quiet spin on the ride home - though it's been cold and dark - it's like an off-season workout, almost a respite from what it really is: training. 

I got to bed late and missed out on a much needed night of sleep - so I took this morning's 85 min run w/ 3x12 build ups from Z1-4 off the plate.  I'll do that tomorrow and will hopefully not freeze myself - I don't miss the running I did in NH in college when the rule was to not run when it was 10 degrees or colder. 

I'll post tomorrow's killer run, tomorrow. 

Until then I'll be looking over some killer Colt 45 recipes and finding some courage to get out and brave 50 degree weather. 


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

FIFTY DEGREES!!! Oh man CA I am coming in 2 days!! Get me out of the 20's!!! I thought the 43 we hit today was toasty, 50's might put me in shorts!