Friday, December 14, 2007

It's About the Run

Brian has been hammering me on my running - which is good, since I don't think I ran more than 15 miles a week last season.


I track all of my runs with the Garmin 201 that I love - I wish I had bought the Forerunner 305 because I also have to wear my Polar 520 HRM.  It's just a lot of computers to wear for running.  It's been encouraging to see the numbers above - I'm running faster and longer (and if I had the HR data here, you'd see that I'm running at the same HR). 

Here was yesterday's workout - it was fun although not easy to mentally prepare for at 5:30am:

AM: Run 75 –85 minutes build run…

The first 30 minutes will be a jog/run: very easy.

After 30 minute warm-up go into 3 by 12 minutes build from zone three to zone four. Follow each 12-minute build with a 3 minute sprinters jog. i.e. 10 minute mile pace.

The build efforts are to be done at a level that you could run for two hours at currently. Nothing to fast, just building the aerobic system.


Windows Live Write (which is what I use to write my posts) does a bad job at inserting images - but above you'll get the gist of the run's elevation. 

If you click on the images below you'll see a bigger image and a better view of the route and elevation.  The bump in the middle of the graph above is Belvedere.   The flat parts from mile 2-4 and then 6-8.5 are the trail along the water and the route from downtown Tiburon to the hill (mile 1.5 and mile 9).

 GoogleEarth_Image GoogleEarth_Image (2)

Can anyone blame me for moving here from Seattle?  This week isn't much better, the this is the worst forecast I've seen in almost a year here - the weather in Seattle is the norm.



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