Monday, December 10, 2007

GIDdy Up

What a weekend.  For anyone who doesn't live in quite a perfect place for training right now - consider visiting.  It was sunny all weekend - almost warm (I was in shorts yesterday). 


Saturday was my first ride with the Z-team.  They're more of a masters team - but still some good guys.  I did what most triathletes do when not comfortable riding 10 cm from someone - I went to the front a lot.  I also tried to stay in Z2 and in a group ride -  it's hard to sit in and have a great workout.  I pushed it on the climbs and around the 25 mile mark, I turned around and went home - hoping to get in a few miles on the run. My oldest daughter (Sada) is sick, so I stayed at home and because everyone I know is sick - I figured I'd err on the side of not over-doing it. 

The ride was 50 miles, avg 17.4mph, cadence of 85 and total elevation climbed was 2234.  Avg HR was 147.


Here is the ride I did on Saturday - I used my Garmin Edge 305 to plot this.

Sunday was set for an easy run and then Brian wanted me to do 25 mins in Z3 and then a recovery in Z1 with a few strides (sprints of 20 seconds with 40 secs of rest).  I ran with Ian who wasn't feeling great.  I felt ok - but found out that the best pre-run meal is not a protein shake.  Ian took off (I am not looking forward to his hard days) and I slogged along in Z1 (max of 155hr) until 45 mins passed and then I picked it up to 164-175hr for 25 mins.  I ended up catching him and had another 11 mins or so to run in Z3.  I got in the 5 strides and then started suffering badly.  My stomach was wretched sideways and probably inverted.  It hurt.  Not nearly as annoying as the 'turkey soup' run or my often tried 'tuna sandwhich' specialty run - it just hurt.  The run looked like this: 11.28 miles total, 7:58 min mile avg, w/1,119 feet of climbing.  The first bit (Z1 was an 8:21 pace, the Z3 was a 7:05 pace and the last bit was an 8:12 pace (it included the strides). 



We have to move since our current home is going to be sold (thanks a ton JT).  We live in a fantastic area right on the water with some decent guest quarters.  We thought for sure that we would be leaving the water, the neighborhood and all of our friends - not to mention the great running routes I have.  Last night we checked out a new place and it's pretty sweet.  I think we now have 5 or 6 bedrooms (in the new place), we have a few walk in closets, a secret room hidden behind a sliding wall, an enormous garage and we now will live on the ocean - not just on the water.  There's a nice guest suite downstairs with a bathroom and it faces the ocean.  There are 2 sun decks and a walkway into the water.  We move in on Feb 1.  We gain an extra 1,000 square feet, a better view, more livable space, a front yard  for the girls and for $5 less per month. 


Here's our new view from the front of the house.

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wait so where is this new place exactly???? I am excited.