Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Treasure Island Triathlon Photos

Here are a few pictures from the race this weekend. 

Oct07Late 011

You'd think he'd be all logo'd up - but here's Hunter Kemper.  Fast fast.
 Oct07Late 012

Jarod Shoemaker - the first member of the USA Olympic Triathlon team. 

Oct07Late 029
The Pro men's start - they won't feel this good for a long time. 
Oct07Late 015

The pro men's transition area. 
Oct07Late 018
Sarah Haskins. 
Oct07Late 033

Sarah and Julie Ertel before the race
Oct07Late 013

Jillian Petersen - finished 3rd for the day. 
Oct07Late 008

Sara McClarty - fastest women's swimmer in triathlon.  She didn't race but she showed up with her bike and bag. 
 Oct07Late 007

Chris 'Boom Boom' Tremonte from Redmond, WA.  We've done some nasty nasty rides in the rain together.  He got to do another one at this race without me.
Oct07Late 006

Mr Multi-Megawatt Smile - 2007 World Champion and professional babysitter Ben Collins
 Oct07Late 048

The men's race - Derek Kite and Jarod Shoemaker
Oct07Late 047

Not so much smiling right now.  Look Tri-Cal - No transponder!
Oct07Late 051

Chris Tremonte enjoying the Sunday fun run.
Oct07Late 053

Jillian in 3rd place - she's too fast for the camera to focus.  I think she ran a faster 10k than Ben or Chris.  This is called getting 'Chicked'.  I get this in all of my swims.
Oct07Late 054

Haskins can run.
Oct07Late 038

The women's lead pack: Sarah Haskins, Julie Ertel, Sarah Groff and Jillian Petersen.
Oct07Late 009

I'm lucky to even find a transition spot let alone have one with a nice box for my stuff and my name on it.
Oct07Late 010

Chris gets one too!
Oct07Late 044

The USADA Drug and Pee-pee ladies.  They're just waiting with their cups!
Oct07Late 055

Jason Mucher, USAT’s “Communications & Media Relations Manager".  He actually knew me from Ben.  Small world.
Oct07Late 056

Season over.  The glamorous life of Ben Collins, professional triathlete.
Oct07Late 057 

"The Piper".  Professional ragamuffin and comedian.

Sada and her pumpkin. 

Ben's cat.


Anonymous said...

um excuse me! i was there where is my picture?! you didn't even show the rockin shirts, i am disappointed.

Loren Pokorny said...

It's on Ben's blog.