Monday, November 26, 2007


I feel like I have to write something thankful since it's just that time - so I was thankful for running and for having a wife and kids who let me run (even though it takes time away from the family, I know).  I was SOOOO thankful that I went for a run up a hill or mountain depending upon where you live. 

I decided to run up a hill that I always loved to run up in Medford,OR - which is basically a great hill because I've never been able to run to the top of it.  My wife's family moved about 2 miles closer to the hill since the last time I was there - so I actually made it up and over the hill this time.  Here's a view on the way down:


The run was about 1,000 ft in 3.5 miles up and then down.  It was all fire road - but nicely packed.  The weather was cold (41) but clear.  On runs like this - I'm always thankful for having a wife who supports my insane obsessions, for 2 girls who someday will be able to run with me and for having friends who are just as possessed.  Here's a chart of the run - it started just at about 2,000ft and went to 3,000. 


After the run, here's the plate I had on Thanksgiving - I really did have turkey and stuffing - but only after filling up on veggies and water first.


Then I was sick with some mild version of the flu which Greta got much worse.  I took a few days off and then went out for a tasty 11.25 miler with Ian (easy means <8 min miles for 1.5 hours) yesterday.  He tricked me by first giving me 2 bowls of turkey soup which never once stopped trying to reappear on the run.  I was also thankful for not having chubby calves like his. 


Ian said...

Chubby? I resemble that remark. Next time we'll be <7 min miles and I'll get the chance to photograph you hurling on the side of the road. Who will be afraid of the blog then? Huhh?

Loren Pokorny said...

That's a lot of big talk. I swear I saw you sniffle.