Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random Thoughts ...

I don't have anything too thrilling to write about - so I looked at my Google Analytics account to see what was driving traffic to my site.  Other than people just coming to my site for a thrilling read and inspiration - here's what they searched for and how they got to my site:

I'm number one (which makes sense) - here are the more interesting ones:

  • what does hunter kemper wear
    • I didn't write about what he wore, but I did show him changing.  He wears something from Nike.
  • what happened to jessi stensland?
  • york maine run bike
    • Innocent enough.  I was in York, Maine and I bike and run.
  • york's best seafood & roast beef
    • Yum!!!
  • york's best seafood and roast beef
    • Wow - they're hungry
  • yorks best seafood and roast beef
    • Tenacious!
  • yorks roast beef york maine
    • I'm confused, do they just want regular roast beef in York, Maine or did they want the BEST!
  • roast beef in maine
  • tom boonen dance song
    • It wasn't the song I had a link to - I couldn't find this version either (It goes 'tomeka tomeka tomeka tomeka tomeka' with a Euro Techno beat)
  • tom boonen song lyrics
    • You can find those here
  • sleep wetsuit
  • tom boonen song
Tom Boonen: Lobster Roll (served in York, Maine) Hunter Kemper wearing clothes
tomboonen 20070604lobsterroll Oct07Late 021

On another note- I had a fantastic swim today and bought a new SUV on Friday.  Since I ride my bike to and from work I don't feel so bad getting a V8 with 4.4 liters.  It will get me into those fun race-day parking lots that are horse pastures 364 days a year. 



Christine said...

then can I have your 3 series if you are no longer using it?

Loren Pokorny said...

Sure. The payments are around $475 a month. You're welcome to them.