Monday, November 12, 2007

Papa Wheelie & Treasure Island Triathlon

Got to catch the Treasure Island Triathlon this weekend. This race should also should be known as the worst course in triathlon, triathlon. I've never seen a course with more potholes, rocks, and debris than this one. If it was a bike race they would have repaired the potholes (or at least 'coned' the dangerous ones) and had hay bales on the corners. I'm not sure how many people left the course in ambulances - but it was more than one. It also didn't help that the race went from a Triathlon to a Run/Bike/Run race and that it rained halfway through the race. I enjoyed seeing some of the sport's big names race with friends only a few miles from home - Hunter Kemper made it seem easy to win a hard race. I'm not sure he even was sweating.

Photo: Sarah Haskkins (hubba hubba), Julie Ertel (ERRR-TELL) and Jillian Petersen (from Bradon Basso)

After getting in a good run and lifting workout on Friday (run 3.5/lift/run 3.5)

On Saturday I went out for a 60 min run that turned into 10.5 miles at some point. I was glad to get out there and found that I definitely need to get in some good long runs before the Oceanside 70.3 race at the end of March. The first hour was easy and then it got to be a bit harder.
On Sunday Ben, Ian and I limped to our bikes (lots of sore quads this weekend) and did 30+ miles and 3,000+ feet of climbing along the south side of Marin. Before we climbed a single vertical foot Ian 'Huggy Bear' Charles - aka Papa Wheelie decided to lift his front wheel off the ground and fall over. It was a bad version of a Cirque du Soleil act. It wasn't fun to see him fall but the simple fact that he fell over going about 1mph for not apparent reason was mildly humours (it's funnier since he didn't get hurt). He also fell in front of a car who then honked at him as he lay dying in the street with his life flashing before his eyes. I can only laugh because I slipped in the shower - breaking my nose followed by flipping over the handlebars while talking on a cell phone last winter.

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures from the race of Hunter Kemper changing under an olive tree, the USADA ladies hiding their faces when I yelled 'smile drug control ladies' and Chris Tremonte in his jammie bottoms. I also took pre-race and race photos too

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