Friday, November 9, 2007

Oil and Water and Triathlons Don't Mix

In moving to California I had some expecatations but I really had no idea what we were in for.

It's been incredibly nice weather - I think I've seen rain 3-4 days since March 5.

It's a bit windy (Chris Tremonte can testify that it is wicked windy) on a regular basis (I get a good hard wind for about 60% of my commute each day).

You can ride from micro-climate to micro-climate - 4 miles south is a different kind of weather - ride 2 miles north - it's warmer and no clouds.

On every ride/run/swim you will see a number of different animals: turkeys, jack rabbits, deer, skunks, foxes, sharks, seals, and all sorts of fish. I was climbing a hill in SF last night and next to me with his tail up and his rear end facing me was a skunk. That's twice in 2 months I've been within 10 meters of an unhappy skunk.

Last night though - I did notice a big change. After hearing about the oil spill (somewhere between 140 and 154,000 gallons of oil spilled) - I figured I'd see something along my ride (which is along the waterfront for 95% of my commute). Every beach was closed, they were all roped off with the police sitting there. There were animals covered in oil dead on the shore - the same birds in oil you see on TV. It smelled like oil all along the Embarcadero (the road along the waterfront in SFO) and even on the Golden Gate bridge - you could smell the oil.

Needless to say - the Treasure Island Triathlon that Ben is in town for is now a 10k run, 40k bike and 5k run. I was looking forward to seeing Ben get out of the water in the top 3 - with guys like Matt Reed and Hunter Kemper - so now it's a duathlon. Too bad for everyone who signed up - but triathletes love challenges (I'd welcome every triathlon I do to drop the swim).

Good luck to Ben and Chris tomorrow! Christine and I will be out there in our I (HEART) Ben Collins t-shirts - hopefully I can find my cowbell in time.

Today I ran to the gym: 3.5 miles/lifted legs and upper body and core/ran home 3.5 miles. Ouch.

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