Monday, November 19, 2007

More New Toy Posting: Garmin 201 Gets Better

Went for a run today - a trail run.  I never know how far it is or how steep the terrain is on Ring Mtn - there are tons of trails.  It's a beautiful run - you've seen pictures from the top in running magazines.  You can see all directions - Sausalito, Golden Gate, Alcatraz, Angel Island, San Francisco, etc...  it's also empty of trash, tourists and cars. 


It's about 1.1 miles to the trailheard and then up for 1.5 miles, along the ridge for a bit more - say 1.5 miles and then down to the road where I was foolish enough to answer Ian's question 'I wonder how steep that road is'.  That road is Hacienda Drive and Ian, it's 22%.  I hit 26% on the way up Ring Mtn - but that's a trail. 

Here's a view from Google Earth of the trail.  It's nicer in person.  I'll stop posting all of these un-remarkable things soon.  Nice job Garmin (and thanks Natalie!). 


Here's a view of the run. 


Lastly - here's my house and Ian's house.


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