Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Little Merman

I finally got a swim lesson after about 12 months of 'floundering' on my own.  Ben took turns hitting my hands with a kick board to ensure my hands were entering the water far enough from my centerline (and palms in), grabbing my feet if I kicked too hard (or separated my feet too much) or swimming underwater on his back to watch me in the cold and murky waters of the Bay Club Marin's pool (the heater is broken there - so I'm swimming in 70 degree pool water - if that).

boratYesterday I did the run (3.5 miles) to the club, lifted and then ran back (about 2 mins faster) with a negative split.  Today I swam again and still felt my swim coach hitting me and grabbing my feet - so hopefully I retained something.  I did a quick look and found that I am swimming about 20 seconds faster with a HR of 10-15 beats lower per 100.  Now I just need a good simple workout to build on.  Ian 'Huggy Bear' Charles and Matt Dixon have both given me some - so I'll start with those.  I won't have another lesson for a few months - so I should make some great progress over the next 8 weeks or so. 

Tomorrow I'll get out for a 10.5-11 mile run OR I'll ride Mt. Tam at 6am and follow it up with a brick run.  I'm heading up to Napa for the weekend with Greta because it's our 10 year anniversary - so I need to get all of the triathlon out of my system before spending time with her.  I won't be able to run or bike on Saturday - instead I'll have to suffer at the tasting bars in Napa and Sonoma.  I only hope she keeps me around for another 10 years and that I'm still able to race then too.  That's all for today.  Above is a picture of Ian Charles in his new tri suit.  He typically pins his race number between the straps.  You like?


Ben said...

200 warm up
8x25 perfect stroke 15s rest
1x25 fast 5s rest
50 perfect stroke 15s rest
75 rast 5s rest
100 perfect stroke 15s rest
125 fast 5s rest
150 perfect stroke 15s rest
150 fast 5s rest
125 perfect stroke 15s rest
100 fast 5 s rest
75 perfect stroke 15s rest
50 fast 5s rest
25 perfect stroke 15s rest

whatever you go on the first 25, hold that pace for all the fast intervals. perfect stroke is whatever pace you need to go to hold perfect stroke. (Not easy)

Ian said...

That's my tri suit for hot races. Remember what happens when you anger the fuzzy one!