Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Inspiration

In 1989 I actually saw this - along with about 35 other people who were inspired to become triathletes.  I actually thought that when I was 36 that I'd love to do something like the Ironman.  At least I'm close and 17 years later I'm not too far off from where I envisioned myself and I'm not much different except I was about 153 lbs wet and could run 6 min miles forever in training.  I always liked Mark Allen despite the fact that he sometimes went a bit far talking about the 'energy' of places and so on.  I had to wait each month for my triathlete magazines to arrive - I even had to subscribe to Runner's World and Bicycling to get me through the dry periods of no new Tri-mags.  There wasn't an internet (if you can believe that Ben and Soda) or even DVDs.  Now the DVD of this race is on my Christmas list. 

I'll save my other thoughts for a new post - just so you have to come back to read it.  Today I've got a 10 miler to do - a part of my new run program: two 10+ mile runs a week (one hard, one easy) and then two easier runs of 45 mins to and hour max - with mixed levels on intensity.  Since I took a week off total, I shouldn't have lost any base fitness and since I never did a lick of speedwork in 2007, I shouldn't be too beat from high intensity training. 

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Mark Brinton said...

Inspiring. But will you wear the same inspiring fashions this season? I think Oakley may have phased out those colors.