Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blood and Fog

It was a bit over a week when in a nasty fog (I could see about 20 ft in front of me while riding home that evening) a captain drove his ship into the bridge in San Francisco. 

That dumped a ton of oil into the water which then washed up onto the shores of all the local beaches. 

Tonight a hazmat crew was out cleaning up all of the damaged and polluted soil (sort of spooky to see about 2 dozen people in suits - all dressed up with masks, gloves, boots, etc..) as a result of the spill.

They parked all of their trucks in the middle of the bike path - which was right next to the beach. 

I commute on that bike path.

It was foggy tonight which means moisture on the road and on the cable car tracks all over the city. 

crash A bicycle going 17-20mph over wet tracks doesn't work well for the rider who lacks ice racing skills. 

I lack ice racing skills.  Ask my mom, I wrecked one two cars and one bicycle due to ice.

I was on a bicycle going about 17-20mph over wet tracks because of the hazmat truck on the bike path. 

I hit the ground hard. 

Luckily there are lots of people to see this sort of thing - I hit so fast that I didn't even clip out or fall off the bike.  I was still clipped in but on the ground.  I quickly had an audience because I sort of just lay there to let my head catch up to my body (my head was up the road about 20 meters and upright). 

I next heard a guy saw 'I think he's unconscious' - I did hit my entire right side including my head.  I know this because of the marks, blood and the fact that I didn't get up to look at my bike right away. 

There's a derailleur stuck in my wheel, a frayed cable, busted handlebars and some scrapes.  I shouldn't have laughed at Ian. 

Hopefully Ben stays off his bike for a few days - he's due.  Now I've got to muster some courage for a 10.5 mile run at 5:30am so that I can be done before Greta has to head off to work at 7:30am.  I'm sure it's going to be fun.  At least I'm not living in the back seat of my car in the economy lot. 

I still got home in 1:20 mins.  I also was able to ride at 23.1mph at 111 RPM.  Hopefully I won the Thursday night commute time trial - no one was left at the end.  I was mad enough to just ride hard. 

PS - Here's a nice recap from another pro at the Treasure Island Triathlon turned duathlon. 

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Anonymous said...

OUCH! well you might be trying to beat me for more accidents in a year. i dont really want to win this contest.