Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I got back into the pool today after about a month break from swimming. It was not too bad. I did 35 mins and just worked on my form and did a few catch-up drills. My arms were pretty tired since all they've been doing is lifting a few pumpkin ales at most. I also lifted a bit, kissed the family and headed out the door for the morning bike commute into work. It didn't feel like training but I think it was. I also didn't see any other shaved-legged-tri-shirt-wearing people lifting yet. Hopefully those chumps were still sleeping.

Seniorita Collins arrives tomorrow and hopefully he'll be able to do something with my swim talent. I suspect he can harness it and somehow transfer it into forward motion in the water. It's probably not a good thing that I look forward to races with 2 laps in the water and that there's a run out/in - just to make up some ground.

Garmin also send us some new toys - a pair of Garmin Forerunner 50's to play with. I wasn't sure if it's waterproof - so I'm hoping to figure that out. The Edge 305 seems waterproof (as much as you need for a bike computer) but not sure on the 50.

Does anyone know what to put in a fuel belt's bottle? Is it water, gel or both? I'm not sure.

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