Monday, October 29, 2007

Tis the Season

Since the race season is over I either have to think about last season or next season. Here's last season:

I think I did more races but I can't remember now - I also did two bike races with results not worth mentioning until next year. I also have a USAT Ranking of 75.95 ranking and Ian (who is one of 3 readers for this blog) has a 76.27. Next year will be better since I had one good race of the four used for this. Tracy, despite your ability to swim and run and talk smack doesn't hide your 66. Punk. Out of the 4 races with rankings I had one good one - so I am happy with the number.

I had 2 great days this weekend - a good ride with 3,800 feet of climbing in 40 miles and then a brick run afterwards for 45 mins with another 1,000+ feet. Sunday was an 11 mile run - 20 min easy Z2 then 40 mins Z3/4 (164-176 HR) followed by 20 mins Z2. It was fine until around 1:09 my calf got pulled and I had to hobble (via walking) the last 1.5 miles (the last .9 miles were aided by a ride from Ian). A good run - but I'll have to keep it under 45 mins for a few weeks until I'm light enough to take on a longer distance.

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