Monday, October 1, 2007

Tinley's, Ben's and Loren's Adventures

This weekend we did the Tinley's Adventures race down in San Luis Obispo. Our portion of the Adventure began on Friday morning when Ben and I hit the road on a 300 mile adventure south. We had a new toy to get us there and help make the time go by. Between seeing an airshow, a prison, lots of veggie fields, even more brown hills and about 14 bottles of water - we were grateful to pull into SLO around 4pm or so.

We checked in to the hotel and then raced over to the race site about 20 mins away. Tinley's Adventures is in the middle of almost nowhere. It was based out of a park at Lake Lopez - at the top of a nice little grade in between mountains. We picked up our packets (the pros get a 2nd t-shirt) and Ben went for a ride while I went for a run. Both my kids had been sick in the past week - so I wanted to take it easy.

After the warm up we went back to the hotel and then out to dinner with a few fast professional ladies; Lara Brown, Kelly (and John) Couch and Amada Feldman (PhD). After a fantastic but long dinner we all retired to our respective hotels.

Ben and I put our bikes together, got the race numbers on and taped a half dozen packets of gel to our bikes. Ben prepped his race morning oatmeal in the coffee pot (remember to cover it next time), I nu-skinned my feet and complained about why someone felt so compelled to run around in his underpants.

Race morning started about 5am with Mr. Underpants awakening to eat his now crusty oatmeal and the coffee burning my mouth. The weather was cold and clear. We headed over to Lake Lopez and got our bikes racked and transition areas set. I was surprised that this was such a small race - I would have guessed 100 people in the Olympic distance race, 100 in the sprint and 30 or so of the Olympic distance athletes were pros! It was definitely a high quality field with a lot of solid athletes.

Stay tuned for more... (I have to get breakfast).

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