Thursday, October 18, 2007

Maine's Best Seafood and Roast Beef

Yup - it's true, all at the same place too in York, Maine. I learned this today. I leaned a few other things:

- going rate for a lobster roll is $8.99 (mostly because mayo is so prohibitively expensive)
- 24 oz of pumpkin ale does help with recovery - you'll miss your next day's workout
- Def Leppard is still hanging in the top 40 here (then again, so isn't Jewel and the Hey Yah song)
- They don't do soy milk unless it comes from a cow
- I have seen 8 cyclists in 5 days
- The roads are all fantastic for running and biking - the people in cars on those roads are not
- You don't see the *Healthy option much on menus, lots of gravy though
- The Lone Oak closed about 3 weeks ago

I got out for a run today - it was cold in the low 40's so I panted up and got out for 10k - easy for 1 mile, 25 mins of Z3 and then the rest in Z1/2 (45 mins). My legs were better - I'll probably shoot for 2 x 5 mile runs tomorrow or just one 10 miler (I prefer the later). I fly home with Sada on Saturday - just in time for a nice ride on Sunday.

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Ian said...

A Lobster Roll and Fries? You are no longer known as the Lorepedo. Now you name is simply Fat Bastard.