Monday, October 15, 2007

Live Free or Die

Sounds pretty extreme - but when you're on vacation in New Hampshire (it's near Vermont) you see it everywhere.

I'm here in Greenland NH, though I just tell people it's Portsmouth where I'm from - it's bigger and likely more noticable. I started my multi-sport career here in 1989 - so what better place to get out and start my run program here for 2008. I know many of the mile markers here from a long time ago and the routes are all the same - except a few more houses and fewer apple orchards. After a whole week off (last week) with no bike, swim or run - I'm starting back easy with some running. I'll be focusing on getting my half marathon legs under me for the next few months and then my swimming in the early winter.

I got out for a few runs already (6 and 8 miles) and ran an easy 7:15 or faster pace. There aren't many hills to speak of when compared to the roads back in CA - so the running is flat and the roads are empty. I hope to get in about 40 miles this week - with a few more 5 mile efforts and then another 10k and a 10 mile run later this week. The weather is your typical fall in New England - cool, crisp with lots of orange and red trees along the way.

I'll post more later on today.

Congrats to Ben Collins and Aaron Scheidies who set the World Record for a blind athlete at the Olympic distance on Sunday.


Tracy said...

i didn't know ben was blind.

can we replace your fudged "behind/in-front" numbers with a daily counter of your increasing off-season weight?

is it tough to update the blog in NH with that 14.4 dial-up connection? will you get this comment delivered via pony express?

Christine said...

I don't know you Tracy but you make me laugh, and you make fun of Loren which is just fun.