Monday, October 8, 2007

It's Over

The last race of the season is done. I did the Napa All-Men's Triathlon (yes, that seems a bit odd - but the day before was the 500+ Napa All-Women's Triathlon).

It was a .5 swim/15 mi/ 4 mi race.

I drove up with JP Ditty - an Ironman guy who decided to get in a sprint workout with me. The men's race had just a bit fewer - with about 150 entrants. The weather, like it's been all year was perfect. The swim was a self seeded wave start - faster up front and slower in the back - 2 waves. I'm not a fast swimmer but figured I'd have to pass fewer people on the bike if I started at the back of the fast wave. The swim was good - I sited well and there were a LOT of buoys out there for a .5 mile swim. I'm not sure where I came out - but I had to stop to put on shoes in order to run up this massive boat ramp and through a parking lot because my foot was still really sore from the cut in it suffered in the previous race. The good part was that it was the best swim I had all year - solid all the way through.

The mount line for the bike was really far from where I was racked, so I hobbled a bit in bare feet to the line where I hopped on for what I thought would be a flat 15 mile TT effort. (i'll post what they showed and then what the Garmin Edge I was using showed). It was hill after hill - some you could muscle over in a 53x19, others were 39x23 grinders. I just went after it and tried to pass as many people as I could. I rode somewhere with a HR of 174+ and saw up to 195. Because I had my computer on I knew where I was relative to the turn around a 7.5 miles and I saw the guys in 1st and 2nd about 1.5 mins up when I hit the turn around. I had managed to get from about 30-40th place to 3rd on the road. I went back and forth with a kid who rode pretty strong who eventually took off with about 1 mile to go.

We hit the park entrance where I was directed right (along with the guy in front) - then I heard STOP - which I did. I turned around and was told to go back that I had mistakenly been told the wrong way to go. I lost about 30 seconds because I was at the bottom of a small but steep hill in a 53x14. I hit T2 after one guy had snuck through - putting me now into 5th place overall.

I ran out onto the course that we had just biked on - but whoops, forgot the 'run equalizer' which forced everyone to run the same distance in T2. I had to turn around, run around the cone and back out - luckily I hadn't gotten too far before they caught me - I've been used to just bolting from the bike out onto the run course.

Once out on the run I faced about 4 climbs up a 200 vertical foot hill. I ran at a pace I knew I could sustain on the flats and hills and would save a few beats for the return trip. I held soldly around 182-185 with the tops of the climbs at about 192-195. 4th place in front was pulling away on the climbs - he was a bit lighter and obviously having an easier time getting up and down the hills. Once at the turn around I was still 5th but saw a few guys about a min back - so I pushed hard on every downhill and kept steady on the flats - not closing but hopefully not giving up too much. I NEVER looked back (when people do it's a good time to attack them) and kept to the side of the road as to keept as much out of site as possible from the pursuers behind. I made it to the park entrace with about a 1/3 mile to go when I looked back to see 6th place about 100 feet back. He pushed it and I couldn't go any faster. I ended up 2nd in my age group and 6th overall. A good race for me and not a regret to keep me down in the off season. I'll definitely have to drop some more weight - hopefully high 150's for the 2008 season and keep working on the swim and run. I don't know what my bike split was but it had to have been top 3.

Below are the course maps
The first one is the one the race organizers put out as the elevation map. The second one is the course map as recorded by my Garmin Edge. It's the same course - a good lesson in the presentation of data in a chart.

JP was 14th which was a solid place for him - even though he ran 7 miles the day before.

It was a much better way to end the season and a good start for my first season.

I should also say hi to my mom who has now found my blog and is reading and commenting on all of them. Hi Mom - you should be making lasagna, pumpkin pies, split pea soup, and fish chowder for our visit next week.


RKeller said...

Loren: good job out there yesterday. Rik Keller here (I raced yesterday too). I found your blog a little while back when I was googling to get some race course scouting info. You should extend the season by 1 week and come to Sacramento for the Golden State Tri next weekend! Supposed to be a fun race. The bike is a 15 mile. 3-lap draft-legal course. Could be interesting...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're done! I'm proud of you. Bet you didn't know I found you! You can't get away from Mom! See you Saturday.
PS Tell rkeller no extending races! You should be kept in bubble wrap!

Anonymous said...

No split pea soup! How about corn chowda?
Love, Mom
PS-where's Greta picture on your blog?

Brian said...

Awwww... I wish my mom loved me.


Sarah said...

I think that's an awesome result, and what a way to end a roller coaster of a season - can't wait to hear about next year!

Anonymous said...

WAIT! you are coming my way next week and you didn't tell me?!?! I feel dissed.

Good race, can't wait to get this team thing going.