Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hot Suppa

I learned this too. It's mostly just fun to say a lot with a New England accent. My wife hates it and she's only heard me say it on email (which you really don't hear). I didn't actually have a lobster roll, I just saw about 3,230 signs for them at $8.99. I had a chub of cheese and a muffin if you really wanted to know. I wanted to get in an easy 5 mile run today but got tied up working due to a case of chicken little running around the office.

The image above showed up when I did a search for Hot Suppa. Here's the site - I'm sure it's one of Ben or Tracy's favorite. It wouldn't surprise me if Ian didn't know this show well - then again, if he could tear himself away from his Fergie CD, then we could find out the truth.


Tracy said...

most definitely an awesome site and probably even a better tv show. i sure hope itunes has the espisodes for sale online.

however, my google for hot suppa found this:
me thinks hot suppa could spank fat bastard in an olympic distance tri.

Ian said...

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Ian said...

And, no I don't believe you. I'm certain you had a lobster roll and fries. Better be careful or you'll be eating at IHOP all next season

Anonymous said...

That site makes me want to go home and ride my Ninja250.

MMMMM FRENCH FRIES!!!!! not that I can eat them seeing as they are generally fried in the same oil as things I am allergic to. If you are going to eat food that I can't better make it good!

Amy said...

Sorry can put all the blame on me for getting Loren into "Hot Suppa" !!! :}