Friday, October 19, 2007

Good Gravy

2 nights in a row I've had pot roast stew. It's good. I've also had 3,203 candy corns and about 432 pumpkin-shaped candy corn thingies. I had 2 punkin ales and am going back for 2 more - then I'm done, off season over. I'll probably have to sleep in my wetsuit for a few weeks to help shed some pounds. It's been fantastic fall weather here in New Hampshire - cool in the AM and a bit warmer around noon. I saw 3 more cyclists but one of them was a kid on a BMX bike and I think he was on dope. That makes about 11 cyclists in a week. I'm off for pizza and ale and some hot suppa.

1 comment:

Christine said...

if he was on dope and riding a bike he must be extremely coordinated! I am sad you went to the aquarium without me yesterday, I love the aquarium.