Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Glamourous Life

Not every professional triathlete can have their hair cut in the sun, sitting poolside with a glass of Cabernet. Huggy Bear - we can take care of your hugginess when you're ready!

That's about all I had. I'm trying to find a light system to use for my winter commute. I got a Top Peak Moonshine Commuter system - except the battery wouldn't charge. I stopped by a fantastic shop, Bicycle Odyssey in Sausalito on the way home and Tony (the owner) gave me a new battery and charger to see if that was the issue. I kept having to unplug and plug in the battery - it would say that it was charged after 5 mins when the directions said it would take 3-5 hours.

I got the new battery and charger home and when I pulled into my driveway - the light stopped working. So now I've got 2 batteries, 1 works - sort of and 1 does not and a light that needs to be replaced. I can only hope they got some new systems in that I can just return what I've got and get a Nite Rider system which worked for me for years.

In Seattle, it seems like when daylight savings changes it gets dark and wet very quickly. We'd usually go out and ride around 3 or 4pm - to have 1 hour of light and then we had our light systesm for the 2nd half. We would do 10 mile TT efforts in the dark or some really enjoyable hill repeats on Norway Hill in the rain and in the pitch black. My friend Sarah remembers the good old days. Sometimes she literally took 'go straight' to mean never turn which put her about 5+ miles off course because she never stopped to wait, or she'd go into ditches, flip into sewer grates, beef it on man hole covers (while leading a race), or hit a pot hole and flat in the dark during the hill repeats (all the while I thought I was really doing well by putting such a gap on her). I'd put her against Ben anyday in a heads up TT to see who would win. They both come from very talented gene pools.

Last night I also had a dream that my bike was stolen and that my insurance company was going to cover the loss and that I got a new Specialized Transition.

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Sarah said...

one of the things i remember most from those Seattle winter evening rides (other than when you TOLD me to go straight, and i did until you ABANDONED me and I got LOST) was when we'd have our lights on, and every time another cyclist approached we'd cover them for a few seconds - I remember being on those long stretches in the dark, watching everyone's lights winking on and off. Plus how bumpy that B-G trail was, and how happy I was when we got to the warm down part. Then climbing that hill back to redwest, and coming in frozen solid and soaking wet, trying to get my booties off. Just one difficulty after another! :) For sure some memories there!