Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Curse of the Punkin

I figured that while on vacation for a week with little training that I could get myself some 'Punkin Ale' (aka Pumpkin Ale). All I can find are Pumkin shaped candy corn flavored treats. I also found that you can make a 4 year old do just about anything (in the same vein as Santa) with Punkin Corn: get up, get dressed, zip up the coat, finish your lunch, etc...

I didn't run the 5 miles I wanted to today because my thighs and calves are still sore from my 8 miler on Sunday. Tomorrow I'll try for 2x 4.5 miles - one easy and one with intervals. I went with Sada to check out some very old cemetaries, a playground and downtown Portsmouth. I'll have to post some pictures when I get back to my download cable in CA.


Amy said...

Behold the Punkin Ale...thank you Portsmouth Brewery! Get those running shoes on and work it today! ~amy

Tracy said...

"what about punkin'?"

maybe you're sore because you ran your first off-season "easy run" at '7:15's or faster.' i didn't know that the P in LorenP stood for Prefontaine.

i'm not falling for the "forgot my camera cord in california" excuse. you're in NH. i know you have to drive your film down to the photomat and have Hyde develop them for you. did you go for 4x6 or free double prints?