Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I got out yesterday despite having very little motivation - and I ran. I ran hard - about 1 hour at 168-173 with alternating 4 min blocks at 185 to 192. It hurt - but it helps keep me focused on the final 2 races this season. I also did a hard interval ride home with another commuter here who said I was killing him - which is great motivation. After the hillclimb - my riding feels even stronger - so I'm keeping the pressure on when I go hard - digging deep to make those gains.

Next up is Tinley's in SLO on the 29th - I'll be driving down with Uncle Huli on Friday and back Saturday after the race. Hopefully we'll have to stick around for some hardware for Ben.

After my next two races - season ending on Oct 7, I'll then train for the US Half Marathon on 11/4. About a week later I'll likely go test my V02 Max and LT test again - hoping to see better numbers, my last test said I was around 64 which was after very little training.

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