Thursday, September 20, 2007


At 5am there isn't much going on in Marin - Tiburon, CA specifically. I always mention that people don't get up early here - I suppose because they know that it will be sunny, so why get out when it's not 70 yet.

I ran out today for an EZ 45 mins or so about 5:30 - just after a cup of coffee and a granola bar. I headed out the door and saw the paper delivery guy rounding the corner on nearly 2 wheels (which is typical) flinging newspapers into the driveways. There is also another newspaper guy - he goes slow but stuffs the papers, has a smoke, tosses the folded papers and drives - all at the same time. Sometimes I find he honks once he tosses the paper and people run out in their robes to grab the paper.

I got about a 1/2 mile down the road and because it's pitch black (except for Berkley and Oakland in the far distance across the water) I have to run in the center of the road, along the double yellow line - no potholes to trip me! I looked left and thought I saw a kitty running along the side of the road. I quickly switched from kitty to it's not a kitty in about a half second when I realized that the 'kitty' was black and was running with a tail straight up in the air. Without actually screaming 'skuuuuuuuuuuuuunk' I screamed silently and took evasive action - which was a b-line to the other side of the road - going from an easy pace of 8min miles to about a 4:30 pace.

Rounding the next corner and not running along side of me was more of Tiburon's morning critters - a deer. They generally scoot along once they hear you and they don't panic - unless of course, you come upon them with your headlights. I know exactly what a deer in headlights do - absolutely nothing, it's true. I see it about 2x a week.

I then rolled down the 8% hill, into downtown Tiburon (well on the way there) and along the water. This has me running along the water, looking at the sunrise over (or on) downtown San Francisco. It's a pretty nice way to start the day. Yesterday started along the same lines - deer in headlights, then swimming in the open water at 5:30am. It was still night out - lots of stars, no clouds and 6 or so fellow swimmers clamoring into the salt water in the pitch black. It's a bit odd to swim when it's night out - trying to sight .6 miles away is a challenge not to mention not running into your fellow swimmers. If you have any issues with claustrophobia stay out - of course when you can see, you'll have fish swimming off the tips of your fingers and if you're lucky you'll see one of the dead bodies that I'm sure are there.

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Christine said...

You just made me miss home even more. THANKS! Wake up runs along the streets of Wellesley with angry commuters will never compare to the bike path and the water. DRAT. I actually prefer swimming in the pitch black to swimming in a pool, at least it keeps my eyes sharp and me aware of other (cough, you or mom) from running into me. That black line is just no fun to look at for 2miles.