Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Breakfast at the IHOP & Breaking the Law (closed)

No races for about a month. It's sort of nice but is causing me to have a little less focus (and a glass of wine or two...). I'm really hoping to work on my run this month - finally getting some speed work integrated into my week and a little less bike work. I did sign up for the Cat 3 Mt Tam Hill Climb where I'll get a spanking but it's training and a good benchmark to have for next year. There's a massive difference between a good triathlete cyclist and a bike racer. Chris Lieto is one of the few who I know that can hang with the bike racing crowd.

Went for a morning ride aka the IHOP (Ian's House of Pain) - a Marin classic. It consisted of 4 climbs and nearly 60 miles of going 23+ mph behind a guy named Ian on a 14lb TT bike. I'm not sure what happened but I was the only fool to go on this ride and ended up staring at an 11-23 cluster for 3 hours. I then got home and was told that 'I was late'. I promise never to do either of these things again. It was the longest ride I've been on since February.

Long time readers may remember the post "Breaking the Law". Well, now that the courts have finally gotten around to hearing this case - I got a note from the defendant's attorney. He wants to settle and in doing so can reduce the charge to a misdameanor. I wasn't too keen on it all but said that I wanted a hand-written letter of apology and for him to replace the glasses and helmet that got beat up when I did. I figured it would be a pretty lame letter and that I'd have more satisfaction by teaching him a lesson about messing with guys in red spandex. It turns out that I got the letter, read it and dropped the charges that I could (hitting me in front of a sheriff still was not a good idea). His 4 year old daughter had died pretty recently and he was not in great mental shape. Since I have a 4 year old - I'm a bit of a softie. Would you have done anything differently?


Ben said...

You are a big softy. I'm pretty sure if a guy tried to run me off the road, then stopped to punch my face in I would do my best to make sure he wouldn't be able to make the mistake twice. But then I don't have a 4yo daughter, but I'd like to think depression wouldn't make me into an a--hole.

Anonymous said...

haha ben did a me, double posting a comment.The story of that ride reminds me of the first time I tried to do the alpine damn, top of tam ride with Richard and group when I was definitely NOT in shape to do so... yea I learned my lesson.
Yea I agree big softie, I mean I can understand that I guess but still, you should have stuck with getting the glasses and the helmet.

Anonymous said...

You never told me about this one!