Monday, August 6, 2007

Tri for Fun #3 - Race Recap

This weekend I did the final of 3 sprint tri’s in the ‘Tri for Fun’ series (also the 2nd of 3 races in a row for Aug or 2nd of 4 races in 4 weeks). I was tired – still not a great week of sleep with a max of 6-7 hours at best. Not even great sleep – but race day happens and I’m sure lots of others are in the same boat. It was a nice morning as always in Sacramento – 83 at the finish of the event.

The swim went ok – I wanted to hop on some feet and practice drafting. I found it’s easy to hop on feet but hard to find feet that go straight or ones that were relatively quick. After spending about ¼ mile looking for someone – I found one guy who was about as fast as I was – so I wasn’t going to be any faster, but I was going to have an easier swim. Our wave of 30-39 started 2nd this time instead of 4th or 5th. So I only had 2 groups of guys to race through. I swam through a few stragglers in the 1st wave and even stopped to watch one guy who I was sure on his way down – but no, he was doing sort of a doggie paddle breast stroke thing… going under water and then popping up a few feet ahead.

Exited the swim a bit slower than I had wanted – but I didn’t work that hard. I passed about 8 people from the swim exit (about 5 of us came out together) and into T1 where my HR was 191. Got onto the bike and hauled it. This time I wanted to ride my disc. I also broke rule #1 – don’t change anything on race day. I rode a disc wheel I hadn’t set my bike up for and on hill #1 I threw the chain into the disc – getting it stuck between the disc and the gears. My bike went from 22mph to 0mph in a sweet skid (I should have fishtailed it for style). I got off the bike and removed the chain, got back on the bike and passed a few more people until I got to hill #2 and did it again. I spent a few matches getting back up to speed and to make up some time that I lost (about 1:30 max) due to my stupidity.

I also tried eating 1 extra gel before the race – I think it would have gone better had I eaten the 2nd gel around the middle of the bike rather than at the beginning. T2 was the best ever – people actually cheered for how fast I dismounted my bike and left onto the bike dismount line and kept going. I saw on a site that in one race I passed 13 people in transitions – so at least I’m fast somewhere!

The run was ok – a good T2 and a solid first mile about 21 secs faster than my previous outing there. I didn’t feel good and the 2nd gel extended a few greetings but I kept it down and tried to settle into the last 2 miles (which you can’t really do very well). I definitely felt better on mile #2 but I was beginning to feel the heat and the result of my hard bike. Mile #3 was a struggle but I kept on plugging – not as fast as I had been before but I didn’t feel terrible. It was definitely a lack of sleep that was hurting me more than anything. I finished in exactly the same amount of time as I had lost fixing my chain – about 1:30 down from my previous race.

Looking at the results everyone seemed a bit slower too. I finished 3rd in my AG and 14th overall. Had I not dropped my chain I would have been 2nd AG and 10/11 OA. Lesson learned.

Next week I’ve got the Folsom International Triathlon (Olympic) which is also up in Sacramento where it will be in the 90s by the time I hit the run. I’m heading up there with Ben and Ian who will both do well up there. I’m working on my run this week with 2 interval workouts (fartleks at max sprint (or 95%) x 30 sec x 5 + recovery X 3 sets and then some hill intervals. I’ll get in 2 swims and will commute by bike to work as always with a few efforts tomorrow and Wednesday before backing off for an easy Thurs-Sat. Race on Sunday.

Oh yea, my avg HR for the race was 175 and I saw 208 on the run. Ouch.

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