Wednesday, August 22, 2007

T Minus 2

Only 2 more days before the Santa Barbara Long Course Triathlon on Saturday! I'm not sure if I'm excited or a bit intimidated by basically a race that is double the distance that I've been racing all season. It's a 1 mile swim, 35 mile bike and a 10 mile run. The bike course is apparently not a flat and fast one like I enjoy. It's got a few little hills as does the run course. I'm doing the race with Ian (who I train with and for some reason he doesn't have a blog) and his wife Sally.

My hope is to finish the race in 3:25, have a solid bike and run and to see fewer than 1 shark. I'm also racing on a brand new HED lightweight disc wheel that they shipped me yesterday!

I wanted to wish Ben good luck as he heads to Hamburg for World Champs on Sept 2nd! He definitely has inspired me to train harder and to eat more fruit instead of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

I wish I also had something funny to write - but not much funny stuff has happened. Except for the guy who cut Ian and I off on the bike a few weeks ago - only to rear end a car at a stop light about 100 yards down the road. My daughter Sada also provides me with well wishes every morning on my bike commute - she yells 'I love you daddy don't crash'. I also ask her who is fast and she'll say 'I'm fast and uncle Ben is fast'. I need to whoop her good on our next 1/2 mile run together just like I did in the Tea Party Game (which isn't as easy as it sounds, Ben got whooped 3 games in a row). I can also crush in Candyland. I just hope Santa Barbara is better than getting stuck in Molasses Swamp.


Ian said...

Dude--you will CRUSH the SB course. For starters, you can now swim, Second, your bike is on fire these days and third, you run fast with ease. I expect you to blow past me on the bike and smoke the run. Just wait for me at the finish with a beer---I'll need it!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ian you will do well, I mean come on you don't look quite like a flounder anymore swimming, and you didn't even run into me this morning, which is impressive in itself. Oh and that TEA PARTY GAME!!! I thought I had her beat but then somehow she ended up winning. You know who you should really run with is piper, she has the speed. Head down and go! good luck this weekend!!

Tracy said...

i really enjoyed the pre-race "waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" on the blog today.

good luck with that new wheel. you know what they say, "always try something new on race day."

and as far as courses go, isn't it true you prefer courses that you can enjoy while sitting on your couch watching nascar? a 400' climb over three miles! i think in the tour that equates to "intermediate sprint" on the category chart, pansy. i can make your man boobs look like DD's in profile if i mess with the scales.