Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stuff, Stuff About Me

NAME: Loren Pokorny (you probably know this already)

NICKNAME(S): None, except for the ones I give myself like 'The Lorpeedo'

MARITAL STATUS: Married to my 1st wife Greta.

DATE OF BIRTH: Sept 25, 1971

WEB PAGE: duh, also

NATIONALITY: United States

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Tiburon, CA - also lived in: Seattle/Redmond/Maple Valley, WA, Greenland, NH, Nederland, CO, Tample, FL and Durham, NH.

EDUCATION: BA in Political Science, University of New Hampshire

HEIGHT: 5'10"

WEIGHT: race weight 155, current weight 176

FAVORITE RACE: Anything that I get a chance to do a few times over: Tri for Fun - but that's just a sprint. I'll have to answer at the end of this season.

FAVORITE TRAINING RIDE: In the summer or fall - a loop or two around Mercer Island was always a hoot with a group. Now it's Alpine Dam - about 35/40 miles with about 10 miles of UP - the climb takes up up and then down Mt. Tam here in Marin, CA.

AVERAGE DAY CONSISTS OF: Ugh.... (Ben can corroborate this schedule if you don't believe me)
5am (or earlier if I'm going to the gym) - Swim/Lift (MWF) or I run (T/R)- max of 1.25 hours for either day - so I can get home!
6:45am - shower/change into bike clothes
7am - eat
7:10am - out the door on my bike to catch the ferry to SFO
7:40am - catch the ferry
8:30am - arrive at work
5pm - leave work - ride home
6:15pm - get home
6:20pm - eat
6:22pm - give girls bath, play and read stories
9pm - say hi to Greta, read, watch movie or chase Sada some more
9:30pm - sleep

ANY MENTORS: Ian Charles, Ben Collins, Scott Fairchild and my wife

FAVORITE PRE-RACE FOOD: unfortunately pizza

WORST EXPERIENCE IN A RACE: which one. My friend Tracy characterized my season as such: "it's not flat, i was sick, i didn't sleep right, i didn't eat right, i couldn't find the race, my spongy thing fell out, my feet blistered, i used my disk wheel, i was sick, i was overtrained, my schedule is ridiculous, i left my powersticks at home, i was sick". I think my worst experience was not eating before a race where my power sticks died. I'm sure there will be more since I don't want to let Tracy down.

FUNNY MOMENTS IN A RACE: I like to think that when I say 'c'mon Hurcules' to the really big guys I see in a race that it's funny. I usually follow that by 'don't hit me'. It's probably funnier when you're running, your eyes are crossed and wearing a tri-suit in public. I'm probably not thinking stuff is really funny though when I'm racing. I'm pretty much my worst critic.

Favorite EATS: anything. pizza and cake are pretty much the best.

IF I WASN’T A TRIATHLETE I’D BE…: Still undecided. Since I'm really an analyst/program manager - I'd rather be a triathlete but living under a roof is nice. Plus my daughters appreciate food and clothes and Little Mermaid snacks.

QUOTE TO LIVE BY: 'My other car is a tuna sandwhich'.

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