Tuesday, August 14, 2007

OT, Sick, Folsom and Goodbye Huli

I think I've done it - I'm either OT (over-trained), sick or both. Starting last week I could NOT get my HR up over 172 at all. I tried 3 days in a row to do some sort of interval and when I failed miserably - I turned around and went home. Thinking a few days would give me some rest and recovery before racing Folsom on Sunday. It wasn't enough but I hoped in the water and enjoyed the Olympic distance race. The swim was long - longer for me because I can't swim straight when I'm tired and unfocused. I sited on a hill in the distance except most of the hills look the same when you're goggles have fog and water in them. When I didn't see anyone around me I figured I'd take a look and found I was about 30m off course. I swam until I hit the turn buoy (litterally) and found out that they aren't soft like you'd think they were.

I got out of the water and shuffled (rather than sprinted at 190+ HR) to my bike. I hopped on my rig and headed out into what Ben called a pretty flat course (though you can't explain why on such a flat course he would find himself in a 39x23). I thought for sure that with enough caffiene and gel that I'd feel better but I never did. I rode at about an 80% effort-keeping well within myself hoping to feel better and to save something for the run. You can see here in the adjacent chart that in a previous race that my HR doesn't actually drop when I race. The longer the race went on - the more my HR dropped. I resigned myself to cheering for people and working on eating and drinking in order to be ready for my much longer race in Santa Barbara in 2 weeks.

I hit T2 and lollygagged my way through - hitting the run with the hope that I would feel better. I ran and felt no better - but kept on going. I cheered for the other athletes who were feeling far better than I was (some were not though) and did my best to keep a steady pace and finish strong. I took water at each mile and ended up finishing around 2:26 - about 8-10 mins off of what I wanted to do - but there will be more races in the near future to hit those times.

Ben 'Huli Chicken' Collins whopped it in the race and broke the course record. My friend Ian Charles also suffered from the same 'illness' that I had but pushed himself into finishing strong without so much goofing off on the bike or run. We'll have our day in SB on the 24th and I'm sure the results will be much more positive. Ben left our guest quarters today and left lighter and much faster than when he arrived. He also left with 2 new carbon bikes, a personal PR, a course record, about 300 packets of Clif Shot Blocks, a few missing care package parcels from Garmin and Tyr and a pile of new friends and fans.

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