Thursday, August 30, 2007

Did You Know

That on Aug 7, 1988 I broke my neck. I was a quadrapelegic for a short time, then only my left side was paralysed and then I was just told that I'd probably never walk again and then that I'd just never run again. I think I won a 5k in less than a year after that. The only thing that doesn't really work is that my left arm is weaker than my right arm (2 out of the 3 tricep muscles work fine - but one does not work so well). My left arm also hurts A LOT when it gets colder than 60 degrees.

I also got a chunck of muscle cut out of my chest. It got beat up (by lax balls going 70+mph) when I was a lacrosse goalie and got nailed in the chest a lot (the defense wasn't so good) and the bruising didn't go away.

I also fractured my skull, thumb, pinky, wrist, knee, leg x 2, ankle and last november - my nose. I broke a bone or two every year from 1st grade until 12th grade.

Nothign to do with broken stuff:

My race schedule for the remainder of the season is as follows:

Sept 15th - Mt. Tam Hil Climb (bike)
Sept 23rd - The Sentinel Triathlon (Oly)
Sept 29th - Tinley's Adventures (Oly)
Oct 7th - Napa Sprint

PS - that's Piper (age 2) in the photo above.

Good luck to Soda as she nears the end of her cross country journey back to prison at Wellesley College

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Anonymous said...

your injury history sounds like me age 14 to now. thanks for the encouragement as I somberly drive the 433miles I have to go tomorrow.