Thursday, July 26, 2007

Upper Management and Huli Chicken

Right now I'm on a lull in my training after a hard 10 day block or so. I blew completely last weekend on a long climb up Mt. Tam with Mr. Collins who as always put me to shame but I don't take it personally - he's 24, has a nice job (triathlete) and has the mental ability to break out the hurt stick day after day. He officially goes by Huli Chicken now too. I've been going on 3 weeks now of my new bike training zones and it's definitely working- in addtion to putting some focus on eating during my workouts with the goal of 300 cals an hour. It's definitely made a difference and I raid the cupboards less if I keep on pace with that intake.

We got up to Vineman for the 70.3 race last weekend (I'll have to blog about that or at least update with photos). Great race and almost fun to watch - got to meet Sam McGlone and had a chat with Chris Lieto. The finish chute was empty of fans and we just walked around with some superstars of the sport: Crowie, McGlone, Bell and Jones. They're all just fit, thin and fast.

When I'm not training, working or hanging out with the best group of girls in the world - I'm helping Ben out with getting some sponsorship for 2007 and 2008. I'm getting a lot of great input from Scott Fairchild in the form of tactics, wisdom and contract terms - it's fun but challenging. Ben is an easy sell to anyone who meets him. I brought him over the Endurance Performance Training Center for a few tests that should have taken a few hours at 8am and he comes back to Tiburon with the CEO of the company and I find out he's been with Dr. Max Testa all day and surprisingly enough has won a gift certificate at a talk they did that evening. He returned the following day for another round of tests and a consult with Dr. Testa and Matt Dixon. I've been super impressed with this group of people - they all love their jobs (who wouldn't!)and are just solid professionals. I'm lucky to have found these guys.

In the meantime we're reaching out or responding to companies all over the triathlon map looking to get Ben some much needed product support and money to help him travel in 07 and 08. Right now the list of companies who have expressed interest are:

Endurance Performance Training Center
Blue (Bicycles)
Power Bar
Beyond Fabrications
Northwave (cycling)

It's very exciting to be supporting such talent and also a lot of fun to get into the nuts and bolts of the triathlon industry to make something great happen for Ben.

This weekend I race in a local sprint tri - the Tiburon Triathlon and then will push into a hard 10 day block again 3 hard, 3 easy, 4 hard, 3 easy before my next race at the Folsom International where I'll race alongside of Ben and Ian. I'm trying to get our nanny to cover the morning shift on Aug 4 so I can squeeze in a race up in Sacramento - but that is still TBD.

I'm back into the lab tomorrow AM for my running LT tests. Both a report on that and Vineman will be on my radar for this site.

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Ben said...

I'll take the morning shift so you can race. We should just bring the girls up to the race so they can see daddy kick some butt.