Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Testing Testing

Last Friday I went in to Endurance PTC for my bike LT testing. I last tested back around March and the results from this test were great! Matt Dixon ran my test and was a treat to work with - he's an ex-pro who has won a bunch of the big races but more importantly is his background in the exercise physio field. Smart guy to work with.

Below is a chart of where things turned out:
Power at LT: 235 Watts
HR at LT: 151 bpm
Power at L2: 262 Watts
HR at L2: 158 bpm
Power at L3: 275 Watts
HR at L3: 163 bpm
Power at L4: 288 Watts
HRate at L4: 168 bpm
Power at OBLA: 285 Watts
HRate at OBLA: 166 bpm

I ended up with my Zone 1 numbers moving up 10 beats and I believe my watts at threshold moved up about 100. I'm now doing more work in the higher zones which have caused a few sore muscles but I'm already noticing some minor adaptations to these new zones.

I race Saturday the 14th on the same course where my power sticks failed me a few weeks ago. I'm looking forward to going back with a few more weeks of training in my legs and a few days of workouts in the new zones. My last race was 1:26 and I finished 5th - I'm looking to improve my time by a few mins and my placing as well. No predictions except that I should have a much better race.

Stuff I'm focusing on: eating 300+ calories an hour during exercise, not throwing up after eating this much, getting good rest.

What's in my iPod
I do this to mostly make my friend Tracy angry.
Pat Benetar (Greatest Hits)
Doobie Brothers (Greatest Hits)
Some Random Alt stuff: Crossfade, Anberlin, The Appearance, Saosin and Fair to Mayfield

Blogs: Ben Collins, Macca, and Chris Tremonte
Joe Friel's blog

Books: Breaking the Chain by Willy Voet (it's about the Festina Affair)

Podcasts: Simply Stu and The Competitor's Radio Show

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