Thursday, July 5, 2007

2nd Half of the Season....

I'm back and I think rested from a week off from nearly all forms of training - I think I did 100 miles of commuting by bike and about 5 miles of walking at Disney. I got to catch up on lots of sleep rather than getting up at 5am for a swim or run and my commute to work was supplemented by the Tiburon Ferry. I'm now hitting the pavement hard - doing a Z2-4 ride home Tuesday, a 1 mile swim in the lagoon
yesterday AM, a climb up Mtn. Tam yesterday and a run this morning. Tomorrow (Friday) I head over to the Endurance Performance Training Center for my mid-season bike lactate threshold testing at 8am and then again on July 20 for my run. Looking forward to some new numbers since my last test was done while I had bronchitis and strep (back in March).

The next few races on my schedule are:

Tri for Fun Triathlon (Sprint), July 14
Tiburon Triathlon (Sprint), July 29
Folsom International Triathlon, (Olympic), August 12
Santa Barbara Triathlon, (Long), August 25

Now that the 1st half of the season is over - I'll be doing a lot more running and swimming - with focus on developing speed for the races in Aug, Sept and Oct.

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