Friday, June 1, 2007

1 Year Anniversary - Piling on the Miles

As of today, I've been training for 1 year exactly. When I started I was 220lbs and about 30% body fat. Today I'm 175 and sub-20% - not exactly race ready - but getting closer to being 155 and 8% - something I think I can hit by the end of the season. Here are some training numbers over the past year:

October 2006:
Rode: 333, Riding Time 21:04, Total Time 33:38, Total Calories 21,997

November 2006:
Rode: 200, Riding Time 13:45, Total Time 26:00, Total Calories 16,590 (broke nose)

April 2007:
Rode: 415, Riding Time 26:37, Total Time 38:30, Total Calories 26,944

May 2007
Rode: 622, Riding Time: 39.05, Total Time 53.27, Total Calories 45,099

Over the past year I have had:
1 broken nose, 1 sprained thumb, 3 bike crashes, 1 case of bronchitis, 1 sinus infection and 1 case of strep throat (that was combined with the bronchitis)and 1 stress fracture in my shin.

May is essentially a standard month for me moving forward. With a bit less weight - I can take on more work without as much a beating on my legs and cardio system. I've got 2 races this month - a sprint on June 9 in Sacramento and an olympic in San Jose. I'll be taking a week off at the end of June and will take my family down to Disneyland. I'm hoping that it's a nice restful time off.

Lastly, I've met and trained with some great people over the past year:

My Coach: Michael Covey
Bike Fit: Erik Moen
Physio: Darcy Norman
Doc: Dr. Bob Adams
Training: Ian Charles (pictured above at Wildflower), Ben Collins and Chris Tremonte
Others: Scott Fairchild and Chris McCormack

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