Tuesday, May 22, 2007

UVAS South Bay Triathlon Race Report and Black Panties

I'm hesitant to post anything because my results are so sad that I was just happy to get a free swim cap and bagel out of my race yesterday. I didn't want to participate in the keg party and BBQ afterwards since it was only 10am - so I should note that I had that option.

I did the UVAS Triathlon (Not sure what UVAS means) in San Jose .75/16/5 (miles). I did find that as you get closer to San Diego people get faster, tanner and skinnier. I also found that any town starting with San something is probably going to be hilly and hot, San Jose was no different.

•This is my first season of racing (I did race many years ago, but I couldn’t even drink then)
•I’ve been training for less than 1 year, I started at 220lbs, I’m 175 now
•I didn't start swimming until Nov 2006
•I was worried about getting dehydrated in a sprint race – I did in my last race
•My tri-suit was on backwards (I got dressed around 3:30am in the dark and didn't notice it until I got to the run - 6 hours later) – can’t wait for that race photo!
•I am not Ben Collins

Lesson learned:
Do not try and hydrate for the entire race 2 hours before it starts. I think I put down 80 oz of water before the race started. I should have trusted my training and nutrition to know that I probably needed 2 bottles.

Race report:
Swim, try not to throw up. Drank too much water before the race. Finished in the bottom third in my last race, finished in the top third this time. 39th out of the water, tried not to throw up on the uphill run to the transition, too knackered to get my wetsuit off.

Bike, try not to throw up. The bike was pretty bad - it was rolling (actually, just rolling up and up and up) and with my stomach feeling the way it was, I never got into a rhythm. I slept terribly all week too - and I think that kept me from getting my HR over 174 on the bike (usually it's no sweat). I also didn't have 3 easy days leading up to the race. I tried eat 3 clif blocs at the start of the bike and that was all I could get in without throwing up. I would have had better luck with a pot roast sandwich. Had the #7 bike.

The run was ok - still started slow due to my stomach and when I tried to take some water it felt awful. Try not to throw up. I actually began feeling better by mile one and had a good solid pace going - not sure what it was - but it didn't feel too sluggish. I just ran smart and picked up the pace every mile - started with 175 and by the end I was 195-200 (max is ~203). Around mile 3 noticed that my tri-suit was on backwards and ran miles 3-5 hoping that no one noticed me. If anyone needs their Inside Triathlon race kit - it's me. I just hope it has a tag in back so I can figure it out in the dark. You’d figure that the zipper was a good indicator (yes, I actually zipped it up behind my back – just like a wetsuit – and I didn’t even notice).

Race highlight:
If there was a T2 challenge - I'd take on anyone. I actually look forward to T2. That was the highlight of my race. Fly in, living on one pedal, shoes off, barefoot and leap onto the dismount line at about 14 mph. Scare the hell out of those guys telling you to slow down.

Didn't throw up. Embarrassed to even post this but figure everyone does something dumb like this.

Good news:
A few lessons learned.
Improved my swim, took 20 sec off my per/mile pace and still can ride in a near death state, didn't dehydrate.

Swim: 27:06.2 (39/55) .75 miles
T1: 01:17.7 (7/55)
Bike: 45:25.6 (7/55) 16 miles
T2: 36.1 (2/55)
Run: 36:26.3 (16/55) 5 miles

The Lorpeedo.

PS - you're probably wondering where the black panties are. In 2 days I've seen 2 different pair of black panties on the side of the road. It isn't as if I live in an area where you might expect to see a lot of this sort of thing or where people might be chasing me to 'slap my butt' - so I had to mention it. Tomorrow I'll be on the lookout.

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