Monday, May 7, 2007

It's Weird Here in California

Normal Stuff:

Just regular training for the past week and onto the next race on May 20. Had a real hard weekend with a solid bike going into Z4 on the hills - which are plentiful. I followed that long bike with a Z2 start, Z3 middle and Z4 end run. I was pretty cooked at the end of the run and could have stood to have taken more food on the bike. Sunday was a hard 60 min TT (Z4) with 30 mins in Z2 afterwards - I chose a very windy and undulating course - something I'd expect a race director to throw at me. I've been real comfortable training on comfy roads with predictable climbs, etc... - so I'm searching to find some stuff I normally wouldn't do because it's not that enjoyable - just hard. It's in the 80's here too, sunny and hot.

Weird Stuff
1) No Helmets - they wear a lot of baseball caps - even the guys who should know better. They should have seen the guy I saw yesterday on a board dumping blood all over the road. He apparently beefed it on a gravel-covered corner. The blood stain on the road was pretty big.
2) Training in race set ups - I've seen numerous Cervelo P3s with Zip 404's on - on a training ride - even saw one guy with that set up AND a full on aero helmet (he was hauling it though). I train on some pretty heavy wheels with Mr. Tuffy's in them - I race on my HED Stinger 60 tubulars - it's a huge difference come T2.
3) Mash potatoes not gears. Climbing any hill in the area you'll see most riders at 40-60 revs - I see a lot because I pass them as I spin up in my low gears. Even running a 44x27 on the TT bike. I'm reving higher than people I see with triples (which are a crime).
4) Lots of touring cyclists. They don't go fast. I've caught 2 groups now riding while I was out running - so they're ticking out 6-7 mph. It's good to seem so many people riding - maybe that isn't weird.
5) Hotter than hell. No matter what the weather, over 50% of the people out riding will have on tights and a long-sleeve jersey/arm warmers or a jacket. It was 85 yesterday and I still saw them.

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