Monday, April 30, 2007

Results - 1st Race

This weekend I did the Sacramento International Triathlon. .75/16/4.
It was a nice morning, sunny and about 60+ degrees at the start. The water was so murky you couldn't see your hand during the swim. I took on some water on a big breath and it took a bit for me to recover. The last 1/3 of the swim I pulled it together and passed a few people. The bike course was really windy and it was run on a course shaped like a 3-leaf clover - so you had a head wind for a bit and then a tail wind. The net of the headwind/tailwind was a tick more on the headwind side. There were a lot of people who got just wrecked by the wind - it's pretty demoralizing if you aren't used to it. I train a ton in a headwind along Chrissy Field near the Golden Gate Bridge - so I was right at home and made a ton of positions up from a bad swim. I also did better on the bike due to the great saddle I've been riding on - it allowed me to get aggressive on the bike and stay comfortable and aero (thanks Ben Collins!) .

The run was flat and the wind was negligible - a small overpass jacked my HR up about 8 beats - well into the 190s. About 1/3 of the run course was on a rutty dirt road- not great for a PR or a fast run. I also had not run without socks and I just changed my Yankz! - so they were too tight. I had some bad blitering about halfway through the race and my toes were asleep from the laces being too tight - always something to learn. I had fantastic transitions - likely because I literally work on them 2x a day.

Here are the stats:
33 people in my age group: 5th place
Swim: 26th place - 9 mins off the winning pace, 23:46
Bike: 2nd place - 1.30 off of the winning pace, 46:13 (this includes T1)
Run: 3rd place - 4.45 off of the winning pace, 30:57 (this includes T2)

Below is the data from my HRM
Avg HR: 173
Max HR: 203 (the last bit of the run was hard)
Avg Speed: 21.1
My previous high HR was 194. It was warm by the end of the race and I was obviously suffering a bit from lack of liquids. I'll have to put down another 20 oz before the race.

A good resource I found online was over at the REI Triathlon site. There is a great guide for the first time triathletes - though the tips they provide are something you want to review and plan for WELL BEFORE you start you season - not something you can tackle weeks before your first race. Another great idea is to hire a coach or at least join a regional triathlon team - like the Seattle Triathlon Club or the San Francisco Triathlon Club where you will find lots of new people as well as experienced people who would LOVE to share their wisdom with you.

I can obviously improve my swim and run a lot. I race again in 3 weeks.

Click on the chart below to see a detailed map of my race:


TriCrash said...

Sweet! I can't wait 'til I get out there next weekend.

On the shoes - other than the old maxim about trying things in training before you do 'em in a race, you can try putting some body glide on whichever parts of the shoe give you blisters. It also seems popular to put a bit of baby powder in there these days...


Sarah said...

you know, there are always duathalons :)
kidding - I'm sure your inner swimmer is almost ready to emerge. So tell me, who hurt more - you or them?