Monday, April 23, 2007

First Race of 2007 is Here!

The first race of the season is almost here. Luckily this also coincides with a low volume week for me - just a few hours on the bike, 3 runs and a 3 swims and nothing too long (1.5 hour bike max)! The weather is 70 and sunny - my daughter having spent all 3.75 years of her life in Seattle asks every day 'where are the clouds'. The last 2 weeks have been 12-13 hour weeks and this week is a 7.5 hour week (though I'll probably get 9 in).

I got out on the TT bike and my new ISM Adamo saddle. What a dream. It looks weird but is incredibly comfortable and rides real nice. You basically sit on the end of it (it's a lot shorter than a regular saddle) and the saddle fits perfectly with your sit bones. For the first time ever, I've got an incredbly comfortable TT bike!

What's in the iPOD this week? lots of Incubus and Inxs. Nothing but 'I' bands I suppose.

The next blog will have my race report and I'll start the hurt tally for the year. I'm psyched to lay some hurt down with the power sticks. I just hope I'm not the only one hurt at the end of it.

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